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Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository

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Galaxy Editor (245 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity;Text)
Version 2.43 by Omniverse Software

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
An older but smaller version of the famous Galaxy editor/word processor. The archive does not contain any documentation file. However the built in help will let you explore most of the features of this program. It works on the Palmtop. Later versions of the program have more features. Shareware.
GARLIC (15 KB) added 01/20/1997 (Import-Export)
Version 1.1 by Andy Gryc

GARLIC is a HP 100/200LX database reconstructor. It works by scanning a corrupt database for any recognizable records and them into a new file. Freeware.
GDB2ADR (10 KB) added 05/13/2002 (Import-Export)
Version 1.0 by Daniel Hertrich

GDB2ADR creates a Post/LX distribution list from a GDB database file which contains email addresses. See also PDB2X!
Needed: GDBIO
Check the author's homepage for a more recent version.
GDB2TXT (21 KB) added 02/01/2002 (Import-Export)
Version 1.2 by Ulf Nordquist

GDB2TXT is Linux utility to convert a HP 100/200LX database file to a text file. The dump format is one line per field which is the same format as printing to a file on the 200LX. Outputs the result to stdout. Freeware. Check author's homepage for a more recent version.
GDBIO (56 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Import-Export)
Version 0.95 by Craig Payne

GDBIO allows you to import comma-delimited ascii files into the built-in GDB and PDB format files. Freeware.
GDBLOAD (24 KB) added 01/13/2005 (Import-Export)
Version 1.06 by Steven Roth, modified by David Becher

GDBLOAD is used to get ASCII formatted data into and out of HP 100/200LX databases. Will handle note fields. Public domain. This version is basically v1.02, but modified by David Becher with following changes: 1. Compiled with large memory model, so larger databases can be processed, 2. compiled using 80186 code, 3. in the CSV there can be fields which are NOT in the database. In addition this package doesn't include GDBDUMP.
GDBLOAD/GDBDUMP (24 KB) added 09/25/1997 (Import-Export)
Version 1.02 by Steven Roth

GDBLOAD/GDBDUMP are two programs used to get ASCII formatted data into and out HP 100/200LX databases. Will handle note fields. Public domain.
GDBLOAD/GDBDUMP Source (17 KB) added 06/14/1998 (Import-Export)
Version 1.0 by Steve Roth

C source code for GDBLOAD and GDBDUMP with UNIX man pages. Might be the information necessary for doing online, dynamic GDB manipulation. Thanks to Andy Gryc at HP for supplying the information. Public domain.
GDBREAD (25 KB) added 01/17/1997 (Programming)
Version 1.0 by Harry Konstas

GDBREAD is a small set of GDB access functions written as an add-on to the PAL development kit. They permit easy read-only access of GDB/PDB database files. Freeware.
GDBWin (original Japanese) (173 KB) added 10/24/2000 (Database)
Version 0.90 by Toru Miyamori : GDBWin is a Windows application with the same functionality as the built-in HP Database application, giving access to GDB files on the desktop PC. The use of this software is strictly prohibited except by those with authorized HP200LX.
GDBWin (translated to English) (173 KB) added 10/24/2000 (Database)
Version 0.90 (2) by Toru Miyamori, translated by Serge Kozhemiakin : GDBWin is a Windows application with the same functionality as the built-in HP Database application, giving access to GDB files on the desktop PC. The use of this software is strictly prohibited except by those with authorized HP200LX. This version was translated by Serge Kozhemiakin
GDSPELL (413 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Reference)
Version 3.0b by GD Software

One of the fastest spell checkers available for the palmtop. Voluntary shareware.
GEM for the LX (1900 KB) added 02/03/2002 (Graphics;Menu;Miscellaneous;Productivity)
Version ?? by ??
Screen Capture

Courtesy of
This is a complete ready-to-use GEM installation for the LX. GEM is a graphical environment for IBM PCs and the the Atari ST. It was something like the predecessor of Windows 3.0. Click here to read more about GEM on the LX. Click here to read the GEM/LX artcle (in German).
Genpaint - Genius mouse paint program (70 KB) added 08/28/2002 (Graphics)
Version ? by unknown

This is a paint program, which works exclusively with Gernius mice. Includes Genius mouse driver v9.10.
GeoClock (124 KB) added 04/07/1998 (Reference)
Version 4.4 by Joseph Ahlgren (Gene Dorr)

GeoClock is a program which displays a map of all or part of the earth, and shows on that map which parts are in daylight and which parts are in darkness. The version of the program contained in this archive is no longer supported by the author. The current version is GeoClock 6.1 for EGA/VGA/SVGA. Abandoned shareware.
GETKEY (11 KB) added 11/20/1996 (Programming)
Version 1.11 by Chad Knudson

GetKey is a command to use in Batch files to allow polling for any keypress of the keyboard. It was written for developing a menu system in DOS Batch (.BAT) files. Freeware.
GETKEY2 (1 KB) added 11/22/1996 (Disk)
Version 1.0 by PC Magazine

GETKEY2 tiny COM file to allow flexible DOS bootup options. Uploaded by Murray Barton. Freeware.
Global Search (21 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Disk)
Version 1.20 by Hiroyuki Sekiya
Screen Capture

Global Search allows you to search through the current appointment book, phonebook, notetaker, database and memo files for a text screen. Copyrighted freeware.
GNUPLOT (500 KB) added 02/14/2002 (Graphics;Productivity)
Version 3.4 by Thomas Williams, Colin Kelley

Gnuplot is a command-driven interactive plotting program. Very powerful. Can plot functions or given data points. You can get help on Gnuplot on the usenet newsgroup
Goin' Postal Freeware (363 KB) added 01/22/2002 (Communication)
Version 5 by Steven Lawson

Goin' Postal is a powerful, text-based emailer for the HP 100/200LX. It was designed to fit easily on a 1 MB palmtop and all files only take up 112K of disk space. Supports dialup PPP, multiple mailboxes, providers and access points. This major version update adds MIME, Base64, digest exploding, improved PGP support, plus many other enhancements. Freeware.
Goldmine (28 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Game)
Version 1.1 by David Yip

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Goldmine is a Sokoban clone. The aim of the game is to collect all the gold bars on the screen. The game has 35 builtin levels/mines and it also has a builtin mine editor, which allows you to create your own set of mines. Freeware.
Golf Score Card for 123 (16 KB) added 08/01/1997 (Game)
Version 1.2 by Andrew Gorrie

This spreadsheet keeps your golf scores for you. Tracks the number of strokes and the stableford points for 4 players with only minimal input. Freeware.
Golf Solitaire (12 KB) added 05/03/1998 (Game)
Version 1.9 by Curtis Cameron
Screen Capture

Golf Solitaire for the HP 100/200LX. New version keeps statistics and gives a better winning "show". Copyrighted freeware. Check for a more recent version on C. Cameron's homepage
GoMoku (7 KB) added 05/12/1998 (Game)
Version 1.00 by Robert Philip

GoMoku is a strategy game with graphics written especially for the HP 100/200LX. Copyrighted freeware.
GPAGE (15 KB) added 01/17/1999 (Text)
Version 1.6 by Horst Schaeffer

GPAGE is a small DOS utility that generates a local homepage with your favorite web links from a simple text file. Copyrighted freeware.
GPS Coordinate Converter (4 KB) added 05/07/1997 (Lotus;Mapping)
Version 1.2 by Garret A. Wikoff

GPS Coordinate Converter is a Lotus spreadsheet that will handle the conversion of latitude/longitude data to standard HP HMS or to GPSCGA and GPRMC formats. Freeware.
GPS Waypoint Tools (34 KB) added 01/26/1999 (Lotus)
Version 1.0 by Paul Stratton

These spreadsheets, macros, and files are tools to convert GPS waypoints between formats used by the LXGPS program for the HP200LX and a download program called GARDOWN. It also provides capabilities to allow the user to manage and view waypoints using LXGPS. See the README file for more details. Freeware.
GPS-LOG (352 KB) added 07/07/1998 (Mapping)
Version by Henryck Birecki

GPS-LOG is a moving map GPS program desinged for the non-competitive glider pilot, but can be used in any situation that GPS position data are available for logging. Current position, speed, track on ground, distance, course to a waypoint destination and needed altitude are displayed in real time. A moving map display shows the path traveled as well as waypoints created in flight overlayed on a pregenerated map. Copyrighted freeware.
GPSCGA (575 KB) added 04/15/1997 (Mapping)
Version 2.7 by COMACS Enterprises
Screen Capture

GPSCGA is an excellent DOS-based GPS moving map program that runs nicely on the palmtop. The registered version includes a PCX converter so you can create custom maps and calibrate them for use with the program. Now with improved Tripmate support. Shareware.
GRABBER (124 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Graphics)
Version 3.94 by Jerry Monroe

A good DOS utility to grab graphics screens on the palmtop. Freeware.
GradeBook (228 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 3.0 by Terry Jepson

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
GRADING SKILLS POWER is a teacher developed database designed for Outcome-Based Education. Printed reports of achieved skills can be used as an alternative or supplement to a regular gradebook program. Spreadsheet-style entry of achieved skills and attendance. Shareware.
Graphics Workshop (340 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Graphics)
Version 6.1v by Alchemy Mindworks

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
If you work with graphics on a DOS computer you need Graphics Workshop for DOS. It will convert almost any graphic format to another format and even create standalone .EXE files to display a graphic image. This is the last known version to work on the Palmtop. Unlike later versions which need a '286 processor, this version supports GIF and TIFF files. On the Palmtop you only need GWS.EXE, GSW.RES and GWSHLP.RES. Shareware.
Graphmatica (195 KB) added 05/18/1999 (Miscellaneous)
Version 3.60e by kSoft

Greek Editor (33 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version ?? by unknown

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
The EDTGREEK editor is a WYSIWYG editor with Greek characters, subscripts and superscripts. Print drivers are available for the Epson FX-85 and the HP DeskJet printers. File size is limited by the available RAM. The program works well on the HP Palmtop. Freeware.
Greek Font for CPACK (6 KB) added 01/12/1998 (Font)
Version 1.0 by Euclides

This file allows you to view Greek fonts in the CPACK. To use, Just replace the cpack100.fnt file in the CPACK200 directory with the included replacement file. Free.
GREET (3 KB) added 02/25/1997 (Productivity)
Version - latest by Andreas Garzotto

Offsite file: GREET contains two programs: one lets you set the time of the daily greeting of the appointment book and the other will pop up the greeting immediately. Freeware.
Grocery list management (4 KB) added 08/28/2002 (Lotus;Productivity)
Version ? by Alan G. Herron

Grocrey list management is a wk1 Lotus spreadsheet. It features automatic totalling, sort facilities, maintaining pricing information from week to week, handles sale pricing without corrupting regular price information.
GSMSSEND (44 KB) added 02/03/2002 (Communication)
Version 1.2 by Andreas Niggemann

GSMSSEND sends short messages (SMS) via a mobile phone or GSM terminal connected to the serial port of the LX. This version only supports SMS Text mode, not the PDU mode. For PDU mode support, see PDU by Stefan Peichl. There is also a Windows version of GSMSSEND called SMSSEND-32, which will support PDU mode in future versions. See GSMSSEND homepage. German Shareware.
Hack Game (160 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Game)
Version 3.5 by Don Kneller

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
HACK is a dungeons and dragons type game. It is similar in style to ROGUE played on UNIX(tm) systems but HACK is much richer in character. HACK has more monsters and highly varied magic. Freeware.
Ham Radio Band Database (15 KB) added 11/24/1997 (Ham-Radio)
Version 1.1 by Mitchell Hamm N8XS
Screen Capture

This is an iPeX-enhanced database to show the Ham Radio bands in graphical format. The graphics display in the Datacard as you scroll through the list. Free
Ham Radio Study Files (6 KB) added 05/23/1998 (Ham-Radio)
Version 1.0 by Richard A. Smith

A collection of files (not yet complete) to help you study for your amateur radio Technician class license. Copyrighted freeware.
Hangman for LX (39 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Game)
Version 1.2 by Igor Poole

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Hangman is the classic word guessing game designed for the HP Palmtop. You can add new words to the 114 that are built in. Freeware.
HDM (70 KB) added 09/12/1998 (Menu)
Version 2.4 by Harry Konstas
Screen Capture

A great way to manage DOS applications on your LX. Can manage and organize up to 200 DOS programs with control over zoom mode, screen, serial port, power management, etc. Built with PAL so it has the look and feel of a built-in application. The newest version was enhanced by the author and Thaddeus Computing to make it even more powerful. Freeware.
Heart Stone - a small arcade game (61 KB) added 12/25/2003 (Game)
Version 1.0 by "Volverine"
Screen Capture

This is a small arcade game.
Hebrew Fonts (46 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Keyboard)
Version 2.0 by Phillip Nichols

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
The HP Palmtop comes with an utility called KEYBEZ which gives foreign language support (even right-to-left text display for hebrew).But the resultant text uses the old DOS mapping for Hebrew. If you need to use the new ISO standard for Hebrew text, HEBPC is the program to use. Freeware.
HELV200 Euro font (23 KB) added 06/14/2003 (Font)
Version 1.1 by modified by Michael Salzburger

This is the HELV200 helvetica font, which has an additional Euro sign at high-ASCII code 213 (generate with Alt-Menu-213). It is available for codepage 850 and codepage 437. This new version has a bugfix: It doen not vanish from memory anymore.
Hex Editor (71 KB) added 04/29/1999 (Productivity)
Version 5.1 by Johathan Durward

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
A DOS hex dump editor that can be used to manipulate the APPMGR.DAT file on the HP Palmtop. Use with caution: the file you destroy may be your own.
HexCalc (54 KB) added 12/10/1996 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Tom Cantlon

HexCalc is a nice DOS-based calculator for converting between decimal/hex/binary. Shareware.
HFN_1250 Windows 1250 HFN fonts (9 KB) added 06/14/2003 (Font)
Version 1.0 by Pavel Zampach

Standard set of HFN fonts in Windows-1250 encoding.
Hisword cross reference file (676 KB) added 07/04/2004 (Miscellaneous;Reference)
Version 0 by Tom Hoover

HISWORD is a bible program that uses the online bible format - OLB. This is the cross reference file. Search for HISWORD to find the program and data files and other related files for hisword. Hisword Homepage: Click here.
Hisword data file (2380 KB) added 07/04/2004 (Miscellaneous;Reference)
Version 0 by Tom Hoover

HISWORD is a bible program that uses the online bible format - OLB. This is the OLB data file of the Authorized Version of the Bible. Search for HISWORD to find the program file and other related files for hisword. Hisword Homepage: Click here.
Hisword program file (62 KB) added 07/04/2004 (Miscellaneous;Reference)
Version 1.10 by Tom Hoover
Screen Capture

HISWORD is a bible program that uses the online bible format - OLB. This is just the program file. Search for HISWORD to find the data file and other related files for hisword. Hisword Homepage: Click here.
Hisword strongs concordance file (1290 KB) added 07/04/2004 (Miscellaneous;Reference)
Version 0 by Tom Hoover
Screen Capture

HISWORD is a bible program that uses the online bible format - OLB. This is the OLB file of the Strongs concordance. Search for HISWORD to find the program and data files and other related files for hisword. Hisword Homepage: Click here.
HOLDIT!.SYS (6 KB) added 11/16/1998 (Driver)
Version 1.0 by William Cravener

HOLDIT!.SYS is a dummy device driver that uses no memory, but enables pausing between each device your CONFIG.SYS attempts to load. It will also display a one line message before or after a device is loaded. Copyrighted freeware.
Hotlist (35 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Text)
Version 1.0 by Fred Kaufman

HOT converts your HV hotlist to an HTML file. Handy. Freeware.
HP 95 Utility Pack (289 KB) added 11/25/1997 (Productivity)
Version 1.0 by Richard Harvey

HP 95 Utility Pack is the first software package available for the HP95. This archive combines the original utility pack, the HP 95 Productivity Pack and the Explorer's Guide to the HP 95. Contains many utilities, system manager programs (even a spell checker) and a nice Windows help file for the HP 95. Shareware.
HP Alarm Clock (19 KB) added 04/24/1998 (Productivity)
Version 1.1 by Jorgen Wallgren
Screen Capture

HP Alarm Clock is a system manager-compliant (EXM) clock program which has a high-resolution display of the time. It allows an alarm to be set which will sound even if you close the program or turn off the HP 100/200LX. This newest version has many improvements and some bug fixes. Copyrighted freeware.
HP Alarm Watchdog (4 KB) added 01/31/1997 (Productivity)
Version 1.01 by Harry Konstas

HP Alarm Watchdog is a small TSR that will allow alarms scheduled in the appointment application to trigger even when System Manager is unloaded. Freeware.
HP Calculator (78 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Richard Parris

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
HP is yet another RPN type calculator. This one only works with integers but the integers can have up to 1344 decimal digits (which fills the screen). Freeware.
HP Crater (41 KB) added 01/18/1999 (Reference)
Version 3.1 by Mark Boughen

Offste file. HP Crater is a program that lets you model the impact of asteroids or comets. It was developed as part of the author's studies in astrophysics. Copyrighted freeware.
HP Mouse (33 KB) added 04/08/1997 (Driver)
Version 1.0 by V. Langeveld

HP Mouse is an efficient TSR keypad mouse driver for the HP 100/200LX. Uses the number keys to control mouse movement and can be easily switched on and off. Copyrighted freeware.
HP Palmtop Paper Index (76 KB) added 05/17/1999 (Reference)
Version 1.0 by Quinton Jones

This a collection of text files, one for each issue of The HP Palmtop Paper from Volume #1 in 1992 to Volume #2 in 1999. Also includes a FFDB version of the information. Produced with permission of Thaddeus Computing. Freeware.
HP PIMs for Windows (384 KB) added 02/24/1999 (Productivity)
Version 1.0 by Hewlett-Packard

Windows 3.x versions of Appt Book, HPCalc and Phonebook. Use these files at your own risk and make sure to have backups of your data. Known bugs: Solver fails to parse many EQN files. Phonebook may crash for large data files. There is no documentation other than the Windows help files. Supplied with early HP OmniBooks. Copyrighted freeware.
HP-PYGMY (98 KB) added 10/20/1998 (Programming)
Version 1.5r2 by Frank Sergeant

HP-PYGMY is Frank Sergeant's PYGMY Forth specially customized for the HP 100/200LX. PYGMY Forth is a fast, direct-threaded Forth for reasonably compatible MS-DOS machines. It includes an editor, assembler, and metacompiler (so it can recompile itself) in only 16K to 18K. Shareware.
HPCRACK (8 KB) added 12/02/1997 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Jan Brands

HPCRACK is a password recovery utility for HP 200LX files. It will find the password for Database, Note, Phonebook, Appointment and World Time files. This program was written to show that the file password protection offered by the 200LX is not sufficient to protect highly sensitive data. The C source code is included so that interested parties might learn more about the file protection algorithm and possibly write something that will improve it. This utility is not meant to be used for malicious purposes. Use it at your own risk and please send comments to the author. Freeware.
HPLX Periodic Table (48 KB) added 07/12/1999 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Matt Glasgow
Screen Capture

An electronic periodic table optimized for the HPLX, but will also run on the desktop. Allows you to add free-form notes to each element. Copyrighted freeware.
HPLX users database (20 KB) added 06/27/2004 (Database;Reference)
Version - latest by Bob Christopher and Daniel Hertrich

Offsite file: The HPLX users database contains contact information of almost 300 HPLX users and especially of people who can provide help with various palmtop-related topics. Great ressource, maintained, thus always up-to-date!
HPLXFILE (36 KB) added 01/15/2005 (Connectivity;Utility)
Version 2.0 by Pavel Zampach

standalone program (Windows console application) for file processing on HPLX, written for using in batch files on the desktop. see Version 2.0 includes Wildcards in filenames, a bit different syntax an error codes (care), archive function, check file function, file time/date and attributes are copied toHPLX. In package is also new Filer unit ver 2.0
HPMILE (41 KB) added 06/27/2004 (Database)
Version 4.4 by Mark Boughen
Screen Capture

HPMILE is a DOS program for recording and graphing your car's gasoline mileage on the HP 100/200LX. New version allows entry in gallons or liters. Copyrighted freeware.
HPP (36 KB) added 07/10/1998 (Connectivity)
Version 1.03 by Jurgen Doornik

HPP is a print utility for HP compatible laser printers. It facilitates printing of more than one column of text in either landscape or portrait orientation. it can also print PCX files in four different resolutions. Copyrighted freeware.
HPTREK (45 KB) added 09/22/1998 (Game)
Version 0.9 by Kurt Giesselman

A nice Star Trek game written for the HP95LX. Copyrighted freeware.
HPZOOM (8 KB) added 05/07/1997 (Screen)
Version 1.3 by David Sargeant

HPZOOM is a slick little program to automate HP screen zooms in batch files. Copyrighted freeware.
HTML Viewer (32 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 0.81 by Martin Goebbel

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
HLIST is a simple DOS HTML reader. It works in DOS text mode only and will read most HTML files stored on disk. It is not as fancy as HV. It doesn't do fonts and it doesn't handle links. It's most useful when you just want to peek into an HTM file to see what's there. Freeware.
HTML Viewers (15 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 0.65 by Holger Wenzel

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
HTML file viewers, try one or the other versions of HTMLVIEW. The HTMLV065.EXE file in this archive is a slightly older version of the program but may work better on the HP Palmtop. Great for peeking inside of HTM files on a disk or in a cache. Freeware.
HTMSTRIP (127 KB) added 01/07/1998 (Text)
Version 711 by Bruce Guthrie

HTMSTRIP attempts to read HTML pages, remove the HTML coding and write the file out as something more useful. Copyrighted freeware.
HV (120 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Communication)
Version 2.2 by D&A Software (Andreas Garzotto)
Screen Capture

D&A Software's excellent freeware HTML viewer. Acts as a WWW browser for WWW/LX. Now supports Japanese. Copyrighted freeware.
Hypertext Viewer for the 95LX (15 KB) added 11/19/2002 (Utility)
Version ? by Tom Pitman

Hypertext (HTML) Viewer for the HP 95LX palmtop. This package includes the program, the source code and demo / font files.
I Remember Concentration (118 KB) added 03/31/2003 (Game)
Version hplx by Dan Brennan

"I Remember Contentration" is a game for one or two players, and it plays Conentration as it used to be played on TV (with 3D graphics for the original board). Instructions included with ZIP file. Shareware, but plays forever.
ICE100 (15 KB) added 12/20/1996 (Icon)
Version 1.0 by Hiroyuki Sekiya
Screen Capture

A small TSR to change the appearance of the built-in application icons in Application Manager. This program inspired the creation of iPeX. Freeware.
ICMT (48 KB) added 05/08/1997 (Ham-Radio)
Version 1.95 by Edward Oros AC3L

ICMT is by far the slickest palmtop-friendly Morse code trainer I've ever seen. Adapts beautifully to the small screen and has a comprehensive program for learning and/or building up your code speed. The best feature is the on-screen compuradio that will let you tune for QSOs and practice receiving. If the code is too fast, just push a button and it will translate what you are receiving. Very cool. Copyrighted freeware.
ICN100 (44 KB) added 03/19/1998 (Icon)
Version 1.0 by Andy Gryc

ICN100 is a DOS program that will run on both a desktop and a HP100LX and will let you create custom icons for use with the Application Manager. Also includes BMP2ICN for converting Windows icons to ICN format and a small collection of icons. Freeware.
ICN2TXT & TXT2ICN (33 KB) added 08/18/1998 (Icon)
Version 1.20 by chawa (Naohiko Kawamura)

ICN2TXT & TXT2ICN enable bidirectional conversion between binary icon file (in *.icn format) and text files. This allows you to work on your icon creations with the more sophisticated editing powers of any text editor. Copyrighted freeware.
ICNVU (63 KB) added 08/28/1998 (Icon)
Version 2.0 by Owen Samuelson KU4ET

ICNVU was written by Gilles Kohl to show the usefulness of the PAL library. The source code has been modified to show 44 icons per page instead of 24. Now select the total number of icons in the config file and use function keys to call IBROWSE and ICNSAVER if they are available. Freeware.
ICN_EDIT (255 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Icon)
Version 1.0 by Nobuhisa Yamazaki

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
ICONED100 contains a Japanese Windows program that will let you draw either Windows' icons or LX icons on a Windows machine. Freeware
Icomovie for LXPIC (9 KB) added 09/19/1997 (Icon)
Version 1.0 by Panu Antere

Icomovie is actually a collection of icons that can watched like a movie using Stefan Peichl's LXPIC. This is just to give some ideas of what is possible with LXPIC. Freeware.
Icon Browser (29 KB) added 03/12/1998 (Icon)
Version 2.0 by Mark Virtue
Screen Capture

Handy tool for viewing and browsing HP 100/200LX and Windows icons. Will also convert Windows *.ICO files to palmtop icons. Freeware.
Icon Saver (23 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Icon)
Version 1.0 by Gilles Kohl
Screen Capture

Handy PAL application for saving the built-in application icons to files. Can also save any icon of an installed app, even if you have deleted the icon file. Freeware.
ICONEDITOR (11 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Icon)
Version 2C by Kikuyan,

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
IEDIT02C : ICONEDIT is a System Manager compliant icon editor like the DOS icon editor in the HP 200LX. It has a clipboard viewer and an adjustable "cursor". Freeware.
ICONVIEW (44 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Icon)
Version 2.0 by Daniel Oak

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
IconView Version 2.0 is a program that will allow you to 'see' up to 30 icons at a time on your palmtop. The program can be run from System Manager or from DOS. Freeware.
IDA, the Interactive Disassembler (387 KB) added 12/25/2003 (Programming)
Version 2.05 by Ilfak Guilfanov

Powerful interactive disassembler with BIOS/DOS interrupts auto-comment. Version 2.05 is the last one running on the HP palmtops. For latest freeware and commercial versions, go to the Datarescue Homepage
IDEA (19 KB) added 08/28/2002 (Miscellaneous)
Version 3 by Fauzan Mirza

Tiny IDEA encryption and decryption programs. Very sophisticated.Strong, small and efficient encrypt / decrypt program.
IF Enhancer (30 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Programming)
Version 4.0 by John Knauer, Jr.

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
IFF40 is a multifunction BATch file utilitythat performs a multitude of functions, from asking a simple Y/N question tochecking to see if a disk is formatted to checking if EMSmemory is installed. Shareware.
Igo (240 KB) added 07/04/2004 (Game)
Version - by Smart Games

Igo is a 9x9 free version of Many Faces of Go for DOS. Play go against the computer with great graphics. It includes the Go Tutorial from The Many Faces of Go, so it is a good program to give a beginning go player. Notes for HPLX: No BMP files are needed, choose "Laptop" as graphics, IGO.EXE can be successfully packed by PKLITE, Diet etc.
Image File Converter (106 KB) added 07/15/1999 (Graphics)
Version 1.0 by DP-Tek

A command line utility to convert TIFF, IMG PCX and PC-Eye file formats. For use with LxPic and to be hacked to support 24bit TIFFs for high-end digital cameras (Olympus C2000) with the 200LX. Copyrighted Freeware.
IMPSHELL (172 KB) added 10/13/1999 (AI;Productivity)
Version 1 by unknown

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Artificial Intelligence: Impshell Expert System. queries for information on current economic indicators, and then suggests the best investment vehicle.It contains all the utilities needed to develop and test new expert systems, and run them when they are finalized. All functions are menu driven and appear in windows. IMP expert systems are rule based, backwards chaining systems.
INT5fh (11 KB) added 01/27/1997 (Miscellaneous;Screen)
Version 1.0 by Harry Konstas

INT5fh is a small TSR that enables most PAL written applications for the HP 100/200LX palmtops to be used on your desktop. It does this by emulating the graphics of the HP palmtop. Freeware.
Try also Palrun!
Internet Time (113 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by NIST

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
WNNETIME contains the program NISTIMEW that will connect to one of the time servers operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and will compare the time of the clock in your computer with the atomic time-scale operated by NIST. This is a Windows program and does not run on the Palmtop. Freeware.
INVIGIL (2 KB) added 06/18/1999 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Jorgen Dybdahl

INVIGIL is an invigilation program for teachers administering tests to their students. Copyrighted freeware.
IP Subnet Calculator (1 KB) added 02/14/2002 (Communication)
Version ?? by Krischan Jodies and Laust Brock-Nannestad

Perl script: IP subnet calculator. Needs Perl 4 or higher. Check homepage for a more recent version! Freeware.
iPeX (17 KB) added 12/06/1996 (Graphics)
Version 1.12 by Masaki Tsumori (Brahma)
Screen Capture

Very clever program for adding ICN or PCX graphics to the built-in PIM applications. Uses a small TSR (1536 bytes) for fast graphic processing. Very flexible image placement and display options. Freeware.
IR-PRINT (15 KB) added 09/25/1997 (Connectivity)
Version 1.0 by Thomas Rundel

IR-PRINT is an EXM program that will allow you to print text or data from the HP 95/100/200LX to a HP 82240B "Redeye" infrared printer. Shareware.
IR.EXE - IrDA utility for 200LX (25 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Connectivity)
Version - latest by Andreas Garzotto

Offsite file: IR.EXE is a utility that allows data exchange on the HP 200LX using an IrDA infrared connection. It has five modes of operation: 1 is IrDA client, 2 is IrDA server, 3 allows small OBEX files to be sent, 4 allows small OBEX files to be received and 5 allows the palmtop to simulate an IrDA printer. Copyrighted freeware.
IRC/LX (42 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Communication)
Version - latest by D&A Software (Andreas Garzotto)

Another WWW/LX client, this one supports Internet Relay Chat. Commercial. Click here for more information.
IRDA DOS Print Driver (18 KB) added 12/29/1998 (Connectivity)
Version 1.0 by Extended Systems

HP-IRDA is a utility that will allow you to print from DOS programs (including the built-in Lotus 123) through the palmtop's IR port. It loads as a device driver and can be run in separate Software Carousel sessions. Copyright 1994 Extended Systems. No longer supported.
IRDA Printer Drivers (20 KB) added 10/13/1997 (Driver)
Version 1.097 by Nicholas Chan

Drivers and TSR to allow the HP 200LX to print using infrared to printers like the HP 5P. Only works with built-in apps. These drivers have a new maintaner and he has made some improvements since their initial release. Freeware - unsupported.
IS200 (2 KB) added 01/29/2002 (Utility)
Version ?? by CARGO

IS200 recognizes if the machine it is called on is a HP 200LX or a HP 100LX. Returns errorlevels. Copyrighted freeware. Click here to check for a more recent version.
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