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J200LX (- KB) added 08/28/2002 (Communication;Connectivity;Database)
Version alpha1 by Rodrigo Serra

Java library and utils for HP 200LX. Filer communications, an ftp server to share palmtop files with desktop, database manipulation, synchronization software for contact, appointment, task etc. Still in alpha version.
JAM (tm) (205 KB) added 01/30/1998 (Disk)
Version 1.25 by George A. Reznik (and others)

JAM is a real-time data compression utility that works well on the HP 100/200LX and is a good alternative to running Stacker. Free for non-commercial use, Shareware for any other use.
JetEye Infrared Printer Driver (224 KB) added 08/02/1998 (Driver)
Version 1.0 by Hewlett-Packard

The JetEye driver will enable your HP 100/200LX to print to infrared printers from DOS applications. It was actually made for HP laptops, but there are instructions included that address the 200LX. Copyrighted, unsupported freeware.
JORJ (652 KB) added 02/07/1999 (Reference)
Version 1997 by George Fredal

JORJ is a nice DOS-based dictionary for the palmtop. This version is a sample freeware version of the program.
JPICONS (7 KB) added 12/29/1997 (Icon)
Version 2.0 by James P. Grenert
Screen Capture

Nicely done icons for the App Manager. New and improved version. Freeware.
Kamas Outliner (121 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 2.0 by Kamasoft

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
KAMAS is an Outline Processor. In some ways it is like Flexpad in that it can also serve as a Personal Information Manager. Earlier versions of Kamas were favored by users of the HP Portable Plus and later the HP 95LX. It works equally well on the HP 200LX. Shareware.
Kennedy Calc (127 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version na by John Kennedy

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
If you've ever wished that HP Calc could work with Complex numbers, fractions, polynomials and binary values but didn't want to write the Solver equations to make this happen then try John Kennedy's Calc program. It does this and more. Sadly there's no programmability. Freeware.
Kermit and ZIP (20 KB) added 07/12/1999 (Connectivity)
Version 1 by Steve Grotheer

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Batch and configuration files to use ZIP.COM in Win3.1 or DOS and Kermit95/MSKermit316 with WinNT 4.0 to transfer files with the Palmtop. See MSK316 for connection to the Kermit site. Kermit95 is a commercial product. It may be ordered online from the Kermit site.
KeyM (13 KB) added 01/29/2002 (Keyboard;Menu)
Version 1.02 by CARGO
Screen Capture

Great EXM for quickly showing all installed EXMs and their keystroke assignments. Also shows closed/open status, allows you to shut programs down and lists all loaded macros. Copyrighted freeware. Click here to check for a more recent version.
KeyStuff (17 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Keyboard)
Version 1.0 by Craig Payne

Keystuff is a must-have utility to expand the keyboard buffer of the 100/200LX and "stuff" keystokes into the buffer. Opens up many possibilities for automating tasks. Freeware.
KeyStuff (200LX Version) (17 KB) added 07/12/1999 (Keyboard)
Version 2.0 by Rod Whitby

Keystuff is a must-have utility to expand the keyboard buffer of the 200LX and "stuff" keystokes into the buffer. Opens up many possibilities for automating tasks. Version 2.0 has been modified to match the 200LX keyboard layout. Freeware. Source code included.
kikuyan's icons (6 KB) added 12/31/1996 (Icon)
Version 4 by kikuyan
Screen Capture

kikuyan's Icon Collection Vol. 4 contains a complete collection of icons to use with Hiro's ICE100. Copyrighted freeware.
KIO_HPLX (547 KB) added 12/12/2005 (Connectivity;Driver;Utility)
Version 0.3 by Eduardo Pereira Habkost

a KDE "KIO slave" for transparently accessing files on the palmtop using konqueror or other KDE applications. Tested to compile and work on Linux, but probably will work on other 'Unices' that can run KDE. it allows the user to type i.e. hplx:/ttyS0/c and access the c: directory on the palmtop connected to the ttyS0 (COM1) serial port. License: GNU GPL Link:
Klondike Solitaire (17 KB) added 05/03/1998 (Game)
Version 2.3 by Curtis Cameron
Screen Capture

The classic game of solitaire for the HP 100/200LX. New version keeps track of your win/loss stats. Copyrighted freeware. Check for a more recent version on C. Cameron's homepage
Kraqer ( KB) added 01/23/2002 (Connectivity;Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Curtis Brown

The X10 company ( created a small wireless controller called CM17A FireCracker, which easily connects to an RS232 port. This simple program communicates with the FireCracker.
L1DB powerful Database Import/Export (42,7 KB) added 08/31/2003 (Database;Import-Export)
Version 0.70 by unknown

Powerful Import/Export program for GDB databases. Japanese instructions. Is anyone able to translate them to English? Acts similar to GDBIO, but conversion with notes (parameter /o) is done using a different format.
Laboratory Values (12 KB) added 07/29/1999 (Reference)
Version 1.0 by Mario Raya Silva

Laboratory values reference in HTML format. Freeware.
Ladybug Logo Preinstalled (184 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Programming)
Version 2 by Courtesy, Thaddeus

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Ladybug Logo pre-installed for the HP 200LX. Copyrighted Freeware
LHA255 (218 KB) added 09/16/1999 (Utility)
Version 2.55E by Haruyasu Yoshizaki

LHA is compression software that works well in conjuction with X-Finder.
LHE, Fast LZH Extractor (10 KB) added 07/12/1999 (Productivity)
Version 1.02 by TEA

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Fast .LZH extractor. Used in the setup of X-Finder. Japanese documentation only.
Life Counter (12 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Game)
Version 1 by unknown

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
LFCNT contains an EXM program that will be of use only to those who have the MAGIC The Gathering game on their Palmtop. It keeps track of the scores of this game. The documentation is in Japanese. Freeware.
LIGHTON (3 KB) added 03/23/1999 (Driver;Screen)
Version 1.0 by Stefan Peichl

LIGHTON is a TSR allowing you to use a LED connected to the serial port of the palmtop to illuminate the screen under bad lighting conditions. Copyrighted freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage
Instructions to build an LED palmtop light are available on Daniel Hertrich's homepage
LIGHTON2 (1 KB) added 01/22/2002 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Stefan Peichl

Please download also "LIGHTON". That archive contains the documentation! LIGHTON2 is a patched version with another hotkey. It is necessary for palmtops which don't have the "pound sterling" symbol on Fn-L.
Lights Out (11 KB) added 03/22/1998 (Game)
Version 0.80 by Eric Wong
Screen Capture

Lights Out is a fun little game where the object is to turn off all the lights on a 5x5 grid. Freeware.
Linear Prog (43 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version 1 by Timo Salmi

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
LINSOLVE solves linear programming ('LP') problems interactively. LINSOLVE can also be used to solve linear GOAL programming problems. The maximum is 15 variables, 55 constraints, and 10 objectives. You have the choice of maximizing or minimizing, and printing the Simplex-tableaux. Freeware version.
Linear Programs (207 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version 2.61 by Cornel Huth

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
LP is a Linear Programming Optimizer. Problems are free-form text in either ASCII or spreadsheet format. Solves linear, integer, and mixed-integer problems. Handles 1000s of constraints. Tableaux output & sensitivity analysis. 5 minute online tutorial. Shareware.
LINES (40 KB) added 03/12/2000 (Game)
Version 0.9 by Konstantin Koshelev
Screen Capture

A tricky little strategic game for the 200LX. Shareware.
LINK.COM and LN.EXE (24 KB) added 11/16/1998 (Disk)
Version 1.1 by Oliver Fromme

LINK.COM and LN.EXE allow you to create Unix-style symbolic links to EXE and COM files. Copyrighted freeware.
Load DOSKEY Macros (11 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Utility)
Version 1.1 by Dave Pinner

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Load macros into DOSKEY when you start your 200LX. This makes DOSKEY easier to use since you can save any DOSKEY macros and load them again.
Locate - locates files (90 KB) added 12/27/2002 (Disk;Productivity)
Version 1.3 by Charles Dye

Small, very fast file finder transcends DOS wildcard limitations. Locate finds files fast and offers the user several display options - including the default paging of results. Locate can't search inside archives. Win9x compatible (can display Win9x LFNs beside short file name but only allows searching of abbreviated 8.3 names). Use command line switches /NV on the palmtop!. Copyrighted Freeware.
Lodji Utility (128 KB) added 01/26/1999 (Disk)
Version 1.1 by David W. Roscoe

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Lodji Utility Program is a directory, archive, and file viewer and copier with automatic archive extraction. Update views 2-Gigabyte files and has incremental string searching, shelling to DOS, and .ARJ support, in addition to .ARC, .LZH, .ZIP, and .ZOO. Supports embedded archives and displays multiple archives or directories merged to show differences and does simple file management. Shareware ($30)
Logic Assist (84 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Joe Bottom

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
LOGICP contains a logic tutorial. An added text file describes how to make the program readable on the Palmtop. Freeware.
Logic files (22 KB) added 05/23/1998 (Text)
Version 1 by Richard Smith or John Eshleman, Ed.D.

A collection of files from the author's study of logic, logical fallacies, and the art of argument. Very useful in philosophy or ethics class. Copyrighted freeware.
LOKI (234 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version 1.24 by Craig Finseth

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
LOKI ver 1.24 is an RPN calculator with added binary/octal/decimal/hex math, fractions mode. Freeware.
Lotus 1-2-3 Commands (5 KB) added 12/04/1996 (Lotus)
Version 1.0 by Stuart Pollack

A handy, text reference of Lotus 1-2-3 commands written by an expert. Expands well upon the online help in Lotus. Free.
Lotus 1-2-3 Grade Point Calculator (4 KB) added 03/02/1999 (Lotus)
Version 1.0 by Ed Keefe

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Grade Point Average calculator. Interesting: for the byte-size of the file if nothing else. Actually it may be used to calculate current and overall GPA's along with predicting what GPA will be needed to earn a final, desired GPA. Documentation is contained in the file itself.
Lotus 123 Windchill Chart (2 KB) added 05/23/1998 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Richard A. Smith

A Lotus 123 spreadsheet that figures the windchill for you. Useful if you carry your palmtop on outdoor outings. Copyrighted freeware.
Lotus Ham Radio Grid Square Calculator (4 KB) added 07/17/1997 (Ham-Radio)
Version 1.0 by Patrice Leclerc F1XS

Locator is a small 123 spreadsheet that will quickly calculate the distance between maidenhead grid squares. QSLware.
Lotus Hex to Binary/Octal Converter (13 KB) added 09/25/1997 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Paul Stratton

HX2BN2OC is a Lotus spreadsheet that will take a list of four character hexadecimal numbers and convert them to their equivalent binary and octal formats. Freeware.
Lotus in the Lab (58 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Lotus)
Version 1 by Glenn Ouchi

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Lotus in the Lab is a set of Templates and Macros for Lotus applications in the laboratory. Freeware.
Lotus in the Lab (70 KB) added 05/20/1997 (Lotus)
Version 1.0 by Glenn Ouchi

A nice collection of scientific spreadsheet templates for Lotus 1-2-3. Copyrighted freeware.
LPA Prolog (514 KB) added 01/26/1999 (Programming)
Version 3.83 by Logic Programming Associates

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
OFFSITE LINK LPA PROLOG Professional is a 16-bit Prolog compiler for MS-DOS 3.0 or later, includes assorted debugging tools, sample programs and a demonstration suite. Public Domain. The documentation will tell you how to get the password that will let you install the program.
LPIC2PS - Lotus PIC to PS converter (24 KB) added 05/15/2002 (Graphics;Lotus)
Version 1-004 by Paul A. Williams

LPIC2PS converts Lotus 1-2-3 graphs, exported as PIC file using /Graph Save, into the more common PostScript format. C source included, so you can compile it also on UNIX/Linux systems. Precompiled DOS EXE file included, runs fine directly on the palmtop.
LUNGA (25 KB) added 07/12/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1.02 by Gregor Cdeilinik
Screen Capture

Lunga is a computerized logbook for SCUBA divers written especially for the HPLX, but will run on any computer that will display CGA. Lunga is for dives within no-decompression limits and is able to calculate residual nitrogen times and pressure groups. Postcardware.
LX Backup (35 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Disk)
Version 1.0 by Jorgen Wallgren

Nice batch file written and compiled with LXBatch by Rob Koenis. Allows you to select a group of files to backup from your C: drive and place them in a date-coded directory. Uses PKZip. Freeware.
LX Explore (77 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Disk)
Version 1.3 by Steffen Demuth

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
LXplore is a combination of Filer and Application Manager, designed exclusively for HP Palmtops. LXplore lets you create menus which can be used to execute DOS programs without using DOS commands. Freeware.
LX Organ (12 KB) added 03/19/2002 (Multimedia)
Version 0.11 by ODEN

This is a simple organ program which lets you play melodies on the palmtop's keyboard.
LX PGP (7 KB) added 03/16/1999 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Walter Francis
Screen Capture

Offsite file. LX PGP is a nice graphical front end for PGP 2.6.x (Pretty Good Privacy) written with LXBatch. Handles all the PGP tasks with a familiar palmtop interface. The author welcomes your comments or questions. Freeware.
LX Steam97 (30 KB) added 09/24/2001 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Shuhei Miyake

LX Steam is a System Manager-compliant program that calculates the thermodynamic properties of steam and water based upon the recent IAPWS-IF97 formulations. Copyrighted freeware.
LX Tools (29 KB) added 03/12/2000 (Connectivity)
Version 1.1d by Peter Watkins for Andreas Garzotto

LXTools is an absolute must for interfacing a Linux machine and the HP 100/200LX. Offers simple, Linux command line control of the files on your palmtop. Allows you to back up entire disks from palmtop to Linux box. Excellent. Copyrighted freeware.
See also LXFileman!
LX Tools for DOS (119 KB) added 06/05/1998 (Connectivity)
Version 0.9 by Ignacio Garcia Perez

LXTOOLS DOS is a beta version of the first port of Andreas Garzotto's excellent LXTOOLS to the DOS environment. Please send all bugs, suggestions and/or improvements to the author. Full source code will be available in the first non-beta release. Copyrighted freeware.
LX-DIAL (62 KB) added 03/11/1997 (Communication)
Version 1.5 by Carl-Werner Oehlrich

LX-DIAL allows you to tone dial phonebook entries from your HP 100/200LX. Postcardware.
Lx-Sort (90 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Communication;Text)
Version 1.0 by Ian Melville
Screen Capture

Offsite file: Lx-Sort is a fully customizable address list sort utility for Post/LX (the email client of the WWW/LX suite). It is designed to be run from the 'Externals' menu of Post/LX (Ctrl-X) and provides the familiar look and feel of the HP Palmtop's built-in applications. Post/LX uses an ASCII address list file format and although lists may be viewed and created within the program there is no means of easily sorting the contents of address list files. Lx-Sort provides this utility and allows the quick and easy sorting and backing up of your address list/s to any drive or directory and will save your settings across sessions. LxSort is designed to integrate seamlessly into Post/LX and shares some of its shortcut keys in addition to providing passive and active methods of operation. Copyrighted freeware.
LX2WIN/WIN2LX (12 KB) added 11/16/1998 (Text)
Version 1.2 by Paulo Custodio

LX2WIN/WIN2LX are filters that convert the international characters supported by the HP 200LX from the MS-DOS code page to the ISO Latin-1 character set used in windows, and vice versa. New version includes C source code and a perl library to allow filtering to be made by perl scripts. Copyrighted freeware.
LXBatch (65 KB) added 01/29/1997 (Programming)
Version 3.0 by Rob Koenis

LXBatch is an extremely powerful batch tool for the HP 100/200LX. It enhances and expands the capabilities of DOS batch files and gives them the look of built-in applications. Highly recommended. Postcardware.
LXCic (17 KB) added 01/22/2002 (Driver)
Version 2.1 by Stefan Peichl

LXCic is a modem card enabler and thus a CIC100 alternative on the palmtop. It can be run resident or nonresident. If resident, it occupies only 800 bytes. If your modem card is capable, it will allow you to power up/down the modem. You can also disable the socket, reset the PC card, change the interrupt type, save the card's information to disk or get a status display. New version returns an errorlevel of -1 if no card is inserted. Version 2.0 has numerous added features such as modem power save. Copyrighted freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

LXDC (21 KB) added 01/13/1997 (Connectivity)
Version 0.32 by Eiichiroh Itoh
Screen Capture

LXDC is a program to control the Kodak DC20 digital camera from the HP 100/200LX. Lets you store photos on your HP so you can take more than 8 pictures with your DC20. Copyrighted freeware.
LXDocRead (32 KB) added 01/17/1999 (Text)
Version 1.0 by J. H. Husgafvel

LXDocRead is a Pilot DOC format reader for the 200LX. Please send bug reports to the author. This release adds support for .hfn and .vfn fonts. Copyrighted freeware. Portions copyright 1995, The PAL Group.
LXDR (16 KB) added 08/19/1998 (Text)
Version 0.99 by Rick Kozak
Screen Capture

LXDR is a custom reader for mailing list digests. The program takes a digest file, extracts the subjects of each message and presents them to you in a scrollable list at the top of the screen. Moving from subject to subject changes the displayed message in the remainder of the screen. Copyrighted freeware. Details are in the archive on a commercial version that will append selected messages to POST/LX mailboxes.
LXFileman (61 KB) added 08/07/1999 (Connectivity)
Version 0.96b by Peter Watkins
Screen Capture

LXFileman is a simple Tk-based front end for Andreas Garzotto's excellent LXTOOLS utilities for manipulating files on an HP 200LX via the Filer's Server Mode. LXFileman will not work with LXTOOLS version 1.1a and is distributed with a special version called 1.1a-Tk. GNU copyrighted freeware.
See also LX Tools!
LXGLUC.wk1 - Diabetes Data Management (41 KB) added 05/31/2002 (Lotus;Miscellaneous)
Version 1.1 by Daniel Hertrich

LXGLUC.wk1 allows mobile diabetes data management on the palmtop. Powerful macro and menu driven worksheet with graphical data analysis and convenient usage. Check author's homepage for a more recent version.
LXGPS (100 KB) added 01/25/2002 (Mapping)
Version 1.7 by Greg Renda
Screen Capture

LXGPS connects your HP 100/200 LX to a GPS receiver that communicates using the standard NMEA 0183 protocol over a serial line. LXGPS features a moving map display using user supplied maps in PCX format, navigation to user defined waypoints, sattelite tracking and signal strength display, setting of palmtop time from GPX time. Copyrighted freeware. Check Greg Renda's Homepage to check for a more recent version. Click here to see other GPS related programs.
LXLap (28 KB) added 01/11/1999 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.3 by Steven Demuth
Screen Capture

LXLAP is an unique and feature-rich stopwatch to time any event. Unlimited number of intervals (laps), detailed and easy to read display. Creates a logfile which can be used to resume any event. Useful for any sports event and even for monitoring boiling eggs. Copyrighted freeware.
LXMAP (26 KB) added 02/04/2002 (Mapping)
Version 3.0 by Stefan Peichl
Screen Capture

LXMAP is a city map viewer that uses LXPIC as its display engine. You can make your own custom maps and the program will show you where on the map the street is located. Very fast and helpful. Use only this new version in combination with the new LXPIC 7.0! For a nice collection of maps, go here. Copyrighted freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

LXMIDI (52 KB) added 08/02/1998 (Multimedia)
Version 1.71 by HARUYA

LXMIDI is a software MIDI synthesizer designed for the HP 100/200LX. It conducts a real-time conversion from MIDI data (in standard MIDI File Format 0) into 8- to 16-part polyphonic multitimbral square-wave PCM data and plays it with the built-in speaker of the 100/200LX. Copyrighted freeware.
LXMusic (42 KB) added 05/28/1999 (Multimedia)
Version 2.0 by Paul Haroun
Screen Capture

LXMusic is a music program where you play the notes on the HP keyboard and they are displayed on a piano keyboard and a staff on the screen, You can also record, play, delete, load and save melodies. Copyrighted freeware.
LXPIC (39 KB) added 12/27/2002 (Graphics)
Version 7.3 by Stefan Peichl

LXPic is the fastest GIF/ICN/PCX/JPG/BMP viewer for 100/200 LX. Only needs 15K of disk space and 64K of RAM to decode and view any size picture. Includes a small converter for Casio QV-10 CAM files. Version 7.0 provides many invaluable enhancements for desktop usage. If you use LXMAP, be sure to upgrade it to version 3.0! Click here to look for the new LXMAP version!
Copyrighted freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

LxPro (23 KB) added 12/27/2002 (Productivity)
Version 2.4 by Stefan Peichl

LxPro is a Sidekick-like TSR for HP palmtops only. It gives you complete control over all special HP palmtop features. In addition, it has an ASCII table window, a memory window, a keycode window, a programmer's calculator and an I/O port window. Now supports EMS if available and exits at power down to prevent problems with password-protected machines. Copyrighted freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

LXREF - The LX Reference Library (800 KB) added 03/04/2002 (Reference)
Version 1.2 by ??

Technical reference for the 100LX and 200LX, derived from the Developer's Guide. It includes an in-depth discussion and explanations on using LHAPI on the LX. Comes with lots of pictures and a viewer which runs directly on the palmtop.
LXRTF - Create RTF documents on the LX (36 KB) added 06/27/2004 (Productivity;Text)
Version 1.1 by Daniel Hertrich

With LXRTF you can create formatted documents on the palmtop, which can easily be opened with almost any word processor on almost any operating system. The RTF format (Rich Text Format) supports many kinds of standard formatting and is now easy to create on the palmtop with LXRTF. See author's homepage for details and new versions. The screenshot shows an example of a resulting document in an MS-Word window. Freeware.
LXSHIFT (4 KB) added 01/29/1997 (Keyboard)
Version 1.01 by Eric Meyer

LXSHIFT is a tiny TSR designed to make the use of Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Fn-key combinations easier on the HP 100/200LX. Copyrighted freeware.
LXSTAT (30 KB) added 02/01/2002 (Productivity;Utility)
Version 2.0 BETA by Nan-shan Chen

HP95/100/200/700LX/1000CX Palmtop Control. LXSTAT is a command-line program for the HP DOS palmtop PCs that controls some parameters of the palmtop and prints them to the standard output. Copyrighted freeware.
LXTCP (294 KB) added 05/07/1999 (Communication)
Version 1.1 by Rod Whitby

Offsite files. The HP200LX TCP/IP Development Kit (LXTCP) is a collection of freeware software programs for the HP200LX palmtop that provides clients for various TCP/IP protocols (such as SMTP, POP, NNTP, FTP, etc). LXTCP is compatible with the WatTCP TCP/IP stack (also used by Goin' Postal), and the latest version of the Palmtop News Reader. Copyrighted freeware with source code included.
LXTel (31 KB) added 11/01/2002 (Communication)
Version 3.9 by Stefan Peichl

LXTel is a powerful least cost router for the German phone system. All documentation is in German. The author also runs a "database update" mailing list to support the application. Copyrighted freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

LXTemp - a palmtop thermometer (88 KB) added 01/22/2002 (Miscellaneous)
Version ?? by Stephan Luettjohann
Screen Capture

LXTemp allows you to use a simple circuit attached to the serial port of the palmtop to measure the temperature. Detailed information about this excellent idea on Stephan Luettjohann's homepage.
LXTeX 2.09 (0 KB) added 01/22/2002 (Productivity;Text)
Version 1 by Stephan Luettjohann and Hans Hoenen.
Screen Capture

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
This archive/ directory contains a full, working version of TeX for the Palmtop. The only documentation is that provided in the TeX article in The HP Palmtop Paper Nov/Dec, 1998. Just create an A:\EMTEX directory on your flash card and transfer all the files, including those in the subdirectories to the flashcard. MENU.EXE will start the program. Freeware.
See also Stephan Luettjohann's homepage
LXTeX 2e (2600 KB) added 01/22/2002 (Productivity;Text)
Version 1.3 by Daniel Hertrich
Screen Capture

LXTeX 2e is an adaptation of emTeX (TeX/LaTeX 2e for DOS) made for the palmtop. It is based on the idea of LXTeX 2.09, but uses a more recent version of LaTeX (2e). It needs more disk space (4-5 MB). Screen driver, various printer drivers and even TeXCAD are included and conducted by a batch menu system. Detailled documentation included. See also The LXTeX 2e homepage
LXTOOLS for 95LX (29 KB) added 06/16/2002 (Connectivity)
Version 1.1d by Marc Berlioux

LXTools is an absolute must for interfacing a Linux machine and the HP 95LX. Offers simple, Linux command line control of the files on your palmtop. Allows you to back up entire disks from palmtop to Linux box. Excellent. Copyrighted freeware.
See also LXTools for 100/200LX. Check Homepage of the author for a more recent version
LxVox (10 KB) added 10/21/1998 (Multimedia)
Version 1.0 by Stefan Peichl

LxVox is a very small (1700 bytes) WAV player running in 64KB of memory on any x86 machine. It plays 8-bit mono WAV files of any size and supports any sampling rate. LxVox may also be used as a 'plug-in' with D&A's Internet browser WWW/LX. Copyrighted freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

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