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Mac-Like Topcards (18 KB) added 06/14/1999 (Screen)
Version - by Naoya Shindo

A collection of topcards to make your 100/200LX look like a Mac. Works in conjunction with Brahma's MIMAC to give your machine some Mac functionality. Copyrighted freeware.
MAC2XF (8 KB) added 04/26/1999 (Disk)
Version R.1 by Gaku Nakagawa

MAC2XF is a utility program that coverts Mac filenames, written by Macintosh computers, into virtual filenames used by X-Finder. Copyrighted freeware.
MAFIA (408 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 2C by Zvi Shippony

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
MAFIA (Math And Fun International Association) Ver. 2.0. Easy to use set of Numerical tools, useful in any Laboratory environment or for students.
Magellan (do it yourself) (784 KB) added 01/26/1999 (Disk)
Version 2.0 by Lotus Dev. Corp.

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Formerly a commercial file and disk manager, Magellan is now free. See the article in The HP Palmtop Paper for a description of how one person uses it. GIVAWARE.
Magellan (preinstalled) (1.4 KB) added 01/26/1999 (Disk)
Version 2.0 by Lotus Dev. Corp.

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Formerly a commercial file and disk manager, Magellan is now free. See the article in The HP Palmtop Paper for a description of how one person uses it. GIVAWARE. This file contains a version of Magellan that has been preinstalled on the HP 200LX and then zipped up. Unzip with PKUNZIP -D.
Magic Brush (105 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Graphics)
Version 1.5 by Nassib Nassar

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Magic Brush is a CGA graphics drawing package that works on the HP 200LX. Shareware
Magic Scorekeeper (2 KB) added 09/12/1998 (Game)
Version 1.0 by Joe Baughman

This is an LXB script that is used to keep track of scores in the card game "Magic The Gathering". Freeware.
Magic the Gathering Scoreboard (30 KB) added 09/16/1999 (Game)
Version 1 by Mike Higgins

This is freeware software for the LX that is designed to keep score when playing Magic the Gathering.
Mainline (139 KB) added 06/05/1998 (Productivity)
Version - Latest by Minuteman Systems
Screen Capture

Offsite file. MAINLINE provides interactive development of Project Gantt/Pert charts. Handles 150 tasks/milestones over a 5-year period. Very easy data entry, with many features to aid larger projects. Uniquely formatted schedule output prints a lot of schedule information in a compact page. Text outputs of all reports are available - compatible with word processors, email, spreadsheets - recipients of schedule do not need another copy of the program to view the schedule. Shareware.
MakeDoc (21 KB) added 03/01/2002 (Import-Export)
Version 0.7 by Pat Beirne

Converter from ASCII text to Palm DOC (.prc) and vice versa. Lets you read your Palm documents on the LX. Freeware.
MakeDoc Source Code (6 KB) added 12/15/1998 (Import-Export)
Version 0.7a by Frank Colin (uploaded by)

This is the C++ source code for the makedoc utility which compresses text files into Pilot readable DOC files. This might be a good basis for a HP100/200LX DOC file reader. Wake up developers! :)
MAKEHTM (53 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Dr A Olowofoyeku

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
MAKEHTM This program is a simple command line program that converts ascii files to HTML format suitable for WWW browsers. FREEWARE.
Maki Game (12 KB) added 11/06/1998 (Game)
Version 1.1 by Eric Wong
Screen Capture

This is the classic Maki Game for the HP 100/200LX. It originated in Japan and though it seems simple at first, the more you play the more you realize how much strategy it takes. The new version adds an undo function. Freeware.
MAPPOT (20 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Mapping)
Version 1.16e by Masaki Tsumori (Brahma)
Screen Capture

Nice utility to view PCX files with a pointer. Copyrighted freeware.
Mappot AID (11 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Mapping)
Version 0.12 by Masaki Tsumori (Brahma)

Great tool for grabbing location coordinates for pasting into Mappot databases. Takes the guesswork out of pointer positioning. Copyrighted freeware.
MAPX (11 KB) added 03/10/1997 (Mapping)
Version 2.0 by John Ceccherelli

MAPX is a spreadsheet tool for finding your latitude and longitude on USGS map quadrangles. Very nice GPS companion. Freeware.
Math Pad (69 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Tim Pera

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
MathPad (copyright 1987) is a scientific calculator for the IBM computers and compatibles.
MATH.ASS. (238 KB) added 05/23/1997 (Calculator)
Version 7.1 by Bernd Schultheiss

MATH.ASS. is short for Math Assistant and helps you solve problems in algebra, geometry, stochastics and linear algebra. Shareware.
MathCad Demo (138 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version ?? by Unknown

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Copy all the files in the archive/directory to a single directory on the Palmtop and run the MCDEMO program. Whaddya know?! It works. This is a baby version of an early release of MathCad for DOS. The program contains a demo, a tutorial and will let you do some stuff on your own. Most serious mathematicians have opted for Derive for this kind of program. Freeware.
Mathematics Plotting Package (130 KB) added 06/09/1997 (Graphics)
Version 3.60 by Howard Lewis Penn
Screen Capture

Mathematics Plotting Package is an older DOS program that will do two dimensional plots of functions. Copyrighted freeware.
Mathematics Plotting Package 3D (76 KB) added 06/09/1997 (Graphics)
Version 1.0 by Howard Lewis Penn
Screen Capture

Mathematics Plotting Package 3D will do nice suface plots of mathematical functions. Copyrighted freeware.
Mathomatic (140 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version 6.2 by George Gesslein II

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Mathomatic V6.2: This is another symbolic math program like Math Cad and Derive. However it is DOS text-based. It can automatically solve, simplify, combine, and graph algebraic equations, calculus operations,etc. Shareware.
Mathplot (127 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Graphics)
Version 3.3 by Phillip H. Sherrod
Screen Capture

Mathplot is a mathematical function plotting system which allows you to enter functions using ordinary algebraic notation and immediately plot them. Shareware.
MATHTOOL (48 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 2.03 by Martin J. Maher

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
MATHTOOL AN INTERACTIVE MATHEMATICAL TOOL a program for learning and doing math. You can define functions using normal mathematical notation, then investigate them in various ways. With MathTool math becomes visual and this is a great aid to understanding.
MathTools (158 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1 by R. Kwok

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
MathTools by R. Kwok (C) 1994 MathTools allows you to perform extremely accurate evaulations on your computer.
Matrix Calculator (161 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version 3.54 by Brad Smith

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
If you ever have to work with matrices, then REBEL is the program you should have in your Palmtop. It looks like a spreadsheet but each cell can contain an array of values. It has a library of Math and Financial functions with over 30 built-in operators, 16 Coordinate Geometry routines, and 13 Matrix Algebra functions. Shareware.
Matrix Calculator (155 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1. by John Kennedy

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
MATRIX - a program that teaches row operations with matrices. Features include fraction mode, decimal mode, solves linear systems, inverses, determinants, sets of basis vectors, eigenvectors and eigenvalues, Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization, and the simplex algorithm.
MaxDOS (8 KB) added 12/31/1996 (Disk)
Version 0.3.7 by MeW

MaxDOS allows you to run any size DOS program from System Manager by swapping the running session to disk. Copyrighted freeware.
MBX2GDB (4 KB) added 05/22/1998 (Import-Export)
Version 1.0 by Tim Pitman

MBX2GDB converts a Eudora mailbox (.MBX) into a 100/200LX database file (.GDB). It can be run on the desktop or palmtop. Copyrighted freeware.
MCB (5 KB) added 06/14/1999 (Productivity)
Version 1.0 by Jorgen Dybdahl

MCB contains three different clock/monthly calendars written in assembler for small size. Copyrighted freeware.
Meal Master (315 KB) added 03/02/1999 (Database)
Version 8.06f by Episoft

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Meal Master is one of the most popular recipe databases for DOS machines. The program was originally shareware but is now freeware. There are 1000s of recipes available. Just follow the links from the Episoft home page.
Meal Master (187 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 7.02 by Unknown

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Meal-Master Version 7.01s is a recipe management system that organizes your recipes and searches them by title,category, or ingredient(s) used. Shareware.
Measurements (203 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Microcode Concepts

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
If you sometimes wish the Conversion function of HPCalc was able to convert sieverts to rems then you need CFACT. It will let you perform more than 700,000 different conversions. The built in help is all the documentation provided. Shareware.
Medical Files Collection ( KB) added 09/25/1997 (Reference)
Version 1.0 by Steve Carder MD

This is an extensive collection created by the author, a Family Practice physician, for using with his HP palmtop. Contains spreadsheets, an equation file for CALC, a notebook file, and several DOC files. Freeware.
Megahertz Modem Command Reference (49 KB) added 11/30/1998 (Communication)
Version 1.0 by David Lawrence

A complete Megahertz modem command reference in both text and HTML format for easy viewing on the HP 100/200LX. Freeware.
MegavisionS3.GDB (20 KB) added 06/27/2004 (Reference)
Version - by Charles van Gelder

MegavisionS3.CDB is a database for use with the MV S3 and S3Pro also for use of the Mvision PhotoShoot software and the BatPac use
Memory Viewer (2 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Miscellaneous)
Version 0.42 by Holger Wenz

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
MEMORY VIEWER Lets you view your Computer's Memory "live" in hexadecimal and ASCII. Supports monochrome displays. Freeware.
Mercury (290 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version 2.09 by R. Schlafly

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
This program replaces Borland's Eureka program and was first available on the 1992 Powerdisk from Thaddeus Computing, Inc. With it you can solve most mathematical problems that go beyond the capabilities of HP Solver. Shareware.
Metric PCX Scales (9 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Reference)
Version 1.0 by Takero "Taroken" Nakamura
Screen Capture

Metric rulers for the palmtop. Display with a PCX viewer and measure right from the screen. Freeware.
MFD (Meyer File / Directory Utilities) (55 KB) added 12/27/2002 (Disk;Productivity;Utility)
Version 1.2 by Eric Meyer

Meyer File and Directory Utilities, for example: Directory Compare, Copy / Move files, Delete files, Rename / Move Directory, Attributes, Goto / Make Directory. Freeware.
Micro Emacs (166 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 3.9 by Daniel Lawrence

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Micro EMACS version 3.9 is a text editor preferred by UNIX users. This version has been adapted to run on the HP Palmtop. Freeware.
MIDI1TO0 (9 KB) added 01/15/1997 (Multimedia)
Version 0.4 by T. Furukawa

MIDI1TO0 converts sound data in Standard MIDI File from format 1 to format 0. Format 0 files are required by Haruya's LXMIDI. Copyrighted freeware.
MIDI2XF (7 KB) added 04/26/1999 (Disk)
Version R.1 by Gaku Nakagawa

MIDI2XF is a utility program that extracts titles from MIDI files and converts them into virtual filenames used by X-Finder. Copyrighted freeware.
Mileage Tracker (6 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Database)
Version 0.5 by Mitch Hamm
Screen Capture

Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet for tracking fuel mileage for your vehicle. Has macros for data entry and graph display. Free.
MIMAC (MIMic mAC) (6 KB) added 06/14/1999 (Screen)
Version - by Masaki Tsumori (Brahma)

MIMAC is a program to make your 100/200LX behave like a Mac. Naoya's Mac-like Topcard is required ( Copyrighted freeware
MindMap/LX (60 KB) added 06/27/2004 (Productivity)
Version - latest by Andreas Garzotto and Daniel Hertrich
Screen Capture

MindMap/LX (MM/LX) draws mind maps and thus helps you to organize your ideas, plans and notes. MM/LX file format is compatible to PE's outlining format, so data can easily be exchanged between MM and PE. See also NDB2MM.BAT. Copyrighted Freeware. New version 3 adds has many additional features!
MINI4TH (72 KB) added 06/26/1998 (Programming)
Version 4.15 by Ted Beach and Barry Marks

Mini4th is an implementation of the Forth language written by Ted Beach and modified by Barry Marks to support some of the features on the HP 100/200LX palmtop. Click here to see more programs related to FORTH.
Minicom (3 KB) added 03/11/1999 (Communication)
Version 3.0 by Stefan Peichl

Minicom is a very small (700 bytes) communication program. What you type on the keyboard goes directly to the selected COM port, the received characters from the COM port are displayed on the screen. Might be handy for automating serial port output in a batch file or checking AT commands with a modem. Copyrighted freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

MiniDict (8.1 KB) added 09/23/2001 (Reference)
Version 1.2 by alan krempler

MiniDict is a compact, System Manager compliant, and easy to use dictionary program that is Dict/LX compliant. Copyrighted freeware. Click here to search for Dict/LX
Minidisc Labeling System (0 KB) added 09/10/1997 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Helmut Lucke

This is a web page describing an ingenious way to put the HP200LX to work as an IR titler for Sony MD decks.
MiniTelnet (36 KB) added 05/22/1998 (Communication)
Version 1.0 by Mark Morley

MiniTelnet is a telnet client for WATTCP. Emulates VT52, Heath19, VT102, VT200 and ANSI. Works great as an external program under the Goin' Postal mailer. Freeware.
MINIX ON LX (298 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Miscellaneous;Programming)
Version Alpha by Richard Dubs

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
MINIX This is a work in progress: to be completed by the interested programmer. The enclosed files will let you start the MINIX operating system on a Palmtop.
Homepage of the Richard Dubs
Mike Kopplin's Minix page with more palmtop versions of Minix
MIX Power C command line compiler (480 KB) added 03/31/2003 (Programming)
Version ? by Submitted by John Jones

A MIX Power C compiler for the HP palmtops.
MMM (1 KB) added 06/14/1999 (Game)
Version 1.0 by Jorgen Dybdahl

A tiny version of the game Mastermind. Freeware.
MochaPPP (141 KB) added 02/02/2002 (Communication;Connectivity)
Version 3.03 by Mochasoft

Offsite file: MochaPPP is a software gateway for a PC running Windows so you can use the Windows box's internet connection over a serial line with your palmtop. Although it doesn't actually support DOS palmtops, it works well with the HPLX. Tell it you have a Windows CE device when the installation routine asks. See Mochasoft Homepage for more info. Commercial, but evaluation version is fully functional.
MODEM (1 KB) added 01/26/2002 (Connectivity)
Version 2.0 by Stefan Peichl

MODEM.COM detects if a modem is connected at the specified COM port and also reports the UART type. Useful for automatic port setup with batch files.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

Moon Fonts (2 KB) added 01/15/1997 (Font)
Version 1.0 by Avi Meshar

Moon adds moon phase fonts to the system for use with Andreas Garzotto's ADBMOON. Also includes the FCL source code. Freeware.
MOONCLOCK (82 KB) added 11/21/1997 (Reference)
Version 1.7 by Bill Quinlan
Screen Capture

MOONCLOCK displays the phase of the moon and gives the position of the sun and moon or the times of rising and setting. New version written just for the HP 100/200LX. Copyrighted freeware.
MoreEXM (8 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Productivity)
Version 1.60 by Hiroyuki Sekiya

One of the best utilities available. Allows you to load as many EXM programs into your system as you like. Works well with programs like Pocket Launcher, KeyM and SMMx. Copyrighted freeware.
Morse Practice Program (59 KB) added 04/06/1999 (Ham-Radio)
Version 1.10b by Dennis R. McManus W3IMA

MPP is a nice, small Morse code practice program that works well on the HPLX. Copyrighted freeware for non-commercial use.
Mortgage Calculator (48 KB) added 11/14/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Jean-Jacques Moreau

Mortgage Calculator is a PAL application that will simultaneously calculate four different mortgages. Complete source code is included. Freeware
MPG Tracker (35 KB) added 09/22/1998 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Owen Samuelson KU4ET
Screen Capture

MPG Tracker is a PAL program that tracks your vehicle's MPG and other data by inputting data at each tank fill-up. Many improvements in this new version. Copyrighted freeware. Portions copyright The Pal Group.
MS Kermit (Beta) (- KB) added 07/12/1999 (Connectivity)
Version 3.16 by The Kermit Project

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
An offsite file containing the most recent version of the Kermit communication program for MS-DOS.
MS Outlook <-> HPLX converter (87 KB) added 12/25/2003 (Import-Export)
Version 4.23 by Curtis Cameron

This is a very nice program to convert back and forth between Microsoft Outlook (now even email!) and HPLX PDB/GDB/ADB files. All fields are custom mappable. Requires you to be running Outlook. Copyrighted freeware. Check for a more recent version on C. Cameron's homepage. Some VB Runtime DLLs are needed. Instructions also on Curtis' Homepage.
MS Word 5.5 English version (3500 KB) added 05/13/2002 (Productivity)
Version 5.5en by Microsoft

This is the DOS version 5.5 of Microsoft Word, which has been freely available for download on the Microsoft website for some time. Works very well on the palmtop. There are also other language versions available.
MS Word 5.5 French version (4213 KB) added 05/17/2002 (Productivity)
Version 5.5fr by Microsoft

This is the French DOS version 5.5 of Microsoft Word, which has been freely available for download on the Microsoft website for some time and which has been distributed on the Microsoft year 2000 compatibility CD. Works very well on the palmtop. There are also other language versions available.
MS Word 5.5 German version (4760 KB) added 05/13/2002 (Productivity)
Version 5.5de by Microsoft

This is the German DOS version 5.5 of Microsoft Word, which has been freely available for download on the Microsoft website for some time and which has been distributed on the Microsoft year 2000 compatibility CD. Works very well on the palmtop. There are also other language versions available.
MS Word Supplemental Conversions (610 KB) added 11/09/1999 (Productivity)
Version by Microsoft

Freeware from Microsoft. Converts documents in other formats to Word format and back. Supplements the built in "File, Save As..." functions in Word.
MS-DOS PERL (425 KB) added 03/02/1997 (Programming)
Version 4.19 by Len Reed

This is PERL (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) for MS-DOS. PERL, originally written by Larry Wall, is an amazingly powerful language that combines functions of shell scripts, C, sed and awk and other UNIX tools into one language. PERL needs lots of memory to run. Distributed under the GNU public license and is free.
MSC Mouse Driver (23 KB) added 04/29/1999 (Driver)
Version 7.01 by Micro Systems Corp.

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
A small mouse driver that may be used to drive the Cirque Easy Cat touchpad or any standard mouse. Works on the HP Palmtop only with those applications that support a mouse.
MT Keyboard Driver (1 KB) added 01/05/1999 (Keyboard)
Version Beta by Grider, Keith

This is a hacked keyboard driver for mini-telnet. Allows the arrow keys and some purple keys to work. A work in progress. Freeware.
Multimedia (479 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Multimedia)
Version 3.0 by Jeff Napier

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
MULTI contains a Multimedia presentation environment for DOS. Use it to make professional-quality disk-based illustrated catalogs, teaching tutorials or employee training materials, electronic books, multimedia presentations, retail or shareware products. It will also function as a general drawing program resulting in pictures you can save on disk or print onto paper. Shareware.
MultiWorks for DOS (1025 KB) added 05/20/1997 (Productivity)
Version 1.0 by deskSoft Computer Services

MultiWorks is a much-requested integrated application suite for DOS. Former commercial product now as very affordable shareware.
MURK (78 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Game)
Version 1 by Epic Megagames

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Murk is another set of games for the Palmtop. This one comes in three editions: for the HP95LX, the HP200LX, and Windows 95. The file also includes a level editor as well as an icon. Freeware.
Musical Assistant (77 KB) added 01/26/1999 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by James Holroyd

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
A scale and riff generator that demostrates a simple musical theory teaching aid that has practical uses. Shareware ($15) from Web: http// Copyright Eon Solutions Ltd (c) 1993-1998. Shareware ($15)
MY-MONEY.WK1 (1 KB) added 03/19/2002 (Lotus)
Version 2002-1 by Nathalie Bugeaud

MY-MONEY.WK1 is a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet template to keep track of your finances or any other accounting on-the-go. It is designed as an easy alternative to Pocket Quicken to give you instant Balance with the least keystrokes via inbuilt macros.
NDB2GDB (6 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Database)
Version ? by Jorge Trevino

Utility to modify your notetaker files by loading them into the database. Freeware.
NE Editor (359 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 3.00b by GDSOFT

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
NE v3.00B is another text editor with ALL the features including spell checking. NE can edit multiple files, has block commands, justify, search, replace and ALL of the features that you expect in a decent editor. It is VERY FAST and small and... Freeware.
NetTamer (416 KB) added 01/11/1997 (Communication)
Version Newest by David Colston

Offsite File. NetTamer is a complete Internet access program for the HP 100/200LX. It will set up a PPP connection to your Internet Service Provider without requiring a TSR packet driver. Features include email, web browsing, telnet, ftp, usenet and time services. Allows you to read messages off-line. Shareware with a lifetime registration.
Network INI (6 KB) added 02/11/1998 (Reference)
Version 1.0 by Bob Clark

Network INI is an APPTS.INI file that will pop up an acronym, statistic, fact or other bit of information useful to network technicians. Freeware.
Neuron Expert (0 KB) added 01/23/2002 (AI;Productivity)
Version IV by Mindware

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Artificial Intelligence:offsite, inexpensive commercial ware. This program will let you explore neural net technology on the Palmtop.
Newton Keyboard Driver (24 KB) added 11/01/1997 (Driver)
Version 0.5 by K. Adachi
Screen Capture

Newton Keyboard Driver is a TSR that will allow you to use an Apple Newton keyboard (P/N X0035LL/A) with the HP 100/200LX. Requires fabrication of a custom cable. Copyrighted freeware.
NKIT (39 KB) added 09/16/1999 (Programming)
Version 0.64 by Anonymous

NKIT is a development kit that enables programmers to make EXM programs using LHAPI (Lotus Handheld Application Program Interface) embedded in the ROM of the HP 100/200LX. Target compilers are Borland's Turbo C and LSI C-86. This latest version corrects an error in the m_set_far_block in lxapi.h Copyrighted freeware.
NO$GMB (100 KB) added 03/23/1999 (Game)
Version 2.1a by Martin Korth

Offsite file. The NO$GMB is a gameboy emulator. There is a special version for XT/AT use. It will probably take a little work to get it looking good on the HPLX screen. Donationware.
NODe Database Software (21 KB) added 09/16/1999 (Database)
Version 2.01 by Nils Holm

NODe is a small, yet powerful database program written to run on the LX. Freeware
NODELAY (2 KB) added 01/26/2002 (Disk;Driver)
Version 1.0 by Stefan Peichl

NODELAY removes the delay of flash card access after power on. Handle with care and read the doc!
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

Notepad (76 KB) added 07/10/1998 (Database)
Version 1.9 by Charles Hayden

Notepad is an application for entering, organizing, and viewing free-format and semi-structured information on the HP 95LX palmtop. it has the look and feel of the built-in applications and uses some of the same file formats. Shareware.
Notepad Sort Hack (16 KB) added 01/18/1999 (Productivity)
Version 1.0 by Mitch Hamm

This is a hack for alpha sorting the text within a Notepad record's note field. Freeware.
Number Theory (100 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1 by Professor Donald E. G. Malm

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
This multiple-precision package of number theory routines is available in three versions - Turbo Pascal for the Macintosh and for IBM compatibles, and a UBASIC version.
Numbers (117 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 2.02C by Ivo Duntsch

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Numbers: A Calculator for Number Theory. The program performs various routines which are commonly taught in a basic course in elementary number theory, some of which are also usable for a course in algebra or combinatorics.
NUMLOCK - Toggle Num Lock on Palmtop (1 KB) added 10/13/1999 (Keyboard)
Version 1 by Stefan Peichl

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
NUMLOCK is a TSR and allows you to use the NumPad of your HP200LX as a separate cursor key block. The advantage to the built in method is, that NUMLOCK allows single keystrokes for PgUp, PgDn, Home and End. Furthermore, NUMLOCK also works under SysMgr.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

NuSound (195 KB) added 04/24/1998 (Multimedia)
Version 1.0 by Baggs Technologies

NuSound does an excellent job of playing WAV files on the HP 100/200LX. If you associate the COM file with WAVs in FILER.INI, playing sounds in Filer is a simple point and click operation. Comes with 25 sample sounds to try out. Older shareware.
OFF (1 KB) added 04/06/1999 (Power)
Version 1.0 by Jorgen Dybdahl

OFF is a tiny little program that will turn off the palmtop. Useful in batch files. Source in A86 Assembler is also included. Freeware.
OMNIPRN (8 KB) added 06/14/1998 (Connectivity)
Version 1.0 by Unknown

OMNIPRN is a program that allows you to print from your COM port connected palmtop directly to whatever printer you have hooked to the host machine. Does away with the need for special cables and converters. Freeware.
OPEN (34 KB) added 04/20/1999 (Productivity)
Version 1.00 by Hiroyuki Sekiya (v1.20 by Paulo Custodio)
Screen Capture

OPEN will launch a built-in application when you specify a data filename as the program's command line parameter. You can use it to open a Database file with one action or to add data files to the Application Manager. Originally part of the software collection sold with the "HP200LX Software Bible" co-authored by Hiroyuki Sekiya and Hirotaka Hamada, published by Softbank, Tokyo, in April 1996 (ISBN4-89052-911-X). Now released as copyrighted freeware. New version fixes some bugs and adds some new features.
OPTIKS (236 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Graphics)
Version 2.20 by Keith P. Graham
Screen Capture

Powerful graphics manipulation program that runs on the palmtop. Shareware.
OutForth (34 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 2.32 by Norman Hills

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
ormOutForth is an outlining program that is entirely keyboard driven. There are no pull down menus and the help file just tells you what all the keys do. However, it takes up only 23K bytes of disk space. Shareware.
Outliner (108 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 1.0 by David Tolliver

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Outline Plus! was one of the early outline programs designed for the HP Portable Plus. This version, however, is designed to work on a standard PC. It works quite well on the HP Palmtops. Shareware.
Outlook Calendar Exporter (34 KB) added 12/15/1998 (Import-Export)
Version 1.0 by Ehsan Peermamode

Contains Excel macros to convert a spreadsheet of calendar information exported by Outlook into a text file that can be imported into the HP100/200LX using Puma Intellisync. Directions are in an enclosed Adobe PDF file. Freeware.
Outlook Calendar/Task Exporter (140 KB) added 07/29/1999 (Import-Export)
Version 0.5 by J.H. Husgavel

This application will export tasks and calendar data from Microsoft Outlook to the HPLX appointment book. Freeware.
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