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Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository

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PAC-Man (4 KB) added 09/08/1997 (Game)
Version 1.0 by Tse Kwok Chiu

This is pacman for the HPLX series. Shareware.
PAL (Palmtop Application Library) (480 KB) added 01/17/1997 (Programming)
Version 1.6 by The PAL Group

Offsite file: The Palmtop Application Library is a development library that targets the HP100LX and HP200LX palmtops and makes it possible to create applications that have the same look and feel as the built-in ones, but are plain DOS programs. No EXM tools or LHAPI skills required, full usage of ANSI C (language and library) permitted. Copyrighted freeware.
PAL Date Dialog Item (17 KB) added 05/29/1998 (Programming)
Version 1.0 by John McDonald
Screen Capture

PALDate contains source code for adding a date item to the dialog capabilities of PAL. The date item consists of an 11 character edit field that will allow a user to enter a date. By pressing the down arrow, the date can be selected from a calendar display. Freeware.
Pal Font Editor (28 KB) added 01/26/1999 (Screen)
Version 1 by Harry Konstas

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PFE,is a font editor which supports character sets from 4x4 to 16x16 bits of size. PFE can load and save any .HFN, .VFN, or FCL font file. Copyrighted freeware.
PalDRAW (364 KB) added 06/29/2004 (Graphics)
Version 1.03 by Ariel Rocholl
Screen Capture

PalDRAW is a Draw/CAD application specifically designed to work in HP 100/200LX palmtops. PalDRAW gives to the user an effective tool for drawing sketches on the fly, schematics, and serious final designs. Supports DXF file format and BMP & ICN. Visit the PalDRAW Homepage to check for newer versions. PalDRAW is now Freeware.
PalEdit Spell Checker (106 KB) added 01/22/2002 (Productivity;Reference;Text)
Version 2.0 by Andreas Garzotto

This package contains the necessary files to add the built-in spell checker to the newest version of PALEdit. See PE. Copyrighted freeware.
PalmLink (68 KB) added 05/22/1998 (Communication)
Version 1.0 by Tim Pitman

PalmLink allows you to send and receive email from a palmtop using a serial connection to a desktop computer running Eudora. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. Copyrighted freeware.
PALMPC (14 KB) added 01/26/2002 (Miscellaneous;Screen)
Version ?? by ??

PalmPC is another Palmtop graphics emulator for the PC, which allows PAL applications to run on a standard DOS or Windows PC. Check also the new Palrun!
PALMPLAY (61 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Multimedia)
Version 1.0 by Fritzs
Screen Capture

Palmplay is a monophonic music player and recorder for the HP200LX. Freeware.
Palmtop News Reader (118 KB) added 05/07/1999 (Communication)
Version 3.1 by Rod Whitby (From the original by Michael Leaver)
Screen Capture

Offsite file. Palmtop News Reader is a system manager compliant offline news and mail reader for the HP 100/200LX. It is compatible with LXTCP. Source code is included. Copyrighted freeware.
Palmtop Periodic Table (74 KB) added 08/02/1998 (Reference)
Version 3.3 by Owen Samuelson
Screen Capture

Palmtop Periodic Table is a nice PAL app showing the table and offering a small database of info about each element. Copyrighted freeware.
PALRUN V2.0 (21 KB) added 01/23/2002 (Miscellaneous;Screen)
Version 2.0 by Harry Konstas, Andreas Garzotto, Stefan Peichl

Offsite file: PALRUN is an application that allows PAL applications written for the HP 100LX/200LX to be run on any IBM compatible computer under DOS or Windows. This latest version, enhanced by Stefan Peichl, has many new features and runs much faster than its predecessor. Freeware.
PANSI (12 KB) added 01/08/1997 (Driver)
Version 1.00 by Shozo Ito

PANSI is an ANSI.SYS compatible driver for the HP 100/200LX. There are three major reasons to use PANSI: First, it supports Japanese as well as English. Second, it has more features then ANSI.SYS (good for programs ported from UNIX). Third, PANSI.COM can be loaded and removed freely (for use in batch files). Copyrighted freeware.
Parametric Graphing Calculator (272 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1 by John Kennedy

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PARAM - a program for graphing and analyzing functions in parametric form, X=F(T) and Y=G(T). Similar to YFUNX, includes coordinate trace and tangent/normal line modes, zooming in and out, scalable axes, and a graph parameter variable. Numerical integration calculates plane areas and arc length. Automatically finds maximum/minimum extrema over any section of a curve.
Part of Agenda 2.0 Installation (663 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 2 by Lotus Dev Corp

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
This self extracting file should be expanded and copied to a disk to complete the upgrade of Agenda to version 2.0b Copyrighted Freeware
PAT (Play Alarm Tune) (19 KB) added 05/12/1998 (Multimedia)
Version 1.0 by Gilles Kohl

PAT is a utility that allows you to associate different tunes with different types of alarms. You can also assign special PCX files to be displayed for alarms of your choosing. Copyrighted freeware.
Patchcom (20 KB) added 11/25/1997 (Connectivity)
Version 1.0 by Michael Schrody

Patchcom is a simple utility that does nothing more than connect COM1 and COM2 together. Handy for using your computer's internal modem with your HP palmtop. Copyrighted freeware.
PBASE (84 KB) added 01/26/1999 (Database)
Version 1 by 4B Associates

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PBASE is an early version (1985) of a relational database program with some SQL characteristics. Shareware($35) from 4B Associates
PC (Financial) Expert (186 KB) added 10/13/1999 (AI;Productivity)
Version 1. by Prolog Financial Systems

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Artificial Intelligence:a standalone financial expert system. The database is woefully out of date but the program will give you an idea of what can be done with expert systems.
PC Clock (166 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Miscellaneous)
Version 4.50 by Michael Sadaway

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PCCLOCK v4.5 Calls NIST, USNO, or NRC atomic clocks or CompuServe to get the time and sets PC's clock by modem to exact time by calling U.S. or Canadian atomic clock or to nearest minute by calling local CompuServe access number. Shareware.
PC File (702 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Database)
Version 5.01 by Jim Button (Knopf)

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PC-File 5.01 combines power with ease of use. With PC-File you can easily create and maintain databases, store data to be exchanged with other programs, such as dBASE, 1-2-3, Microsoft Word, and WordStar and produce printed reports from all of your stored data. Freeware.
PC Matrix - A Matrix Calculator (50 KB) added 03/31/2003 (Calculator)
Version 1.99 by Piet De Jong

PC Matrix is an interactive Matrix calculator. Features include: Works like an HP RPN calculator; Matrix algebra for matrices of arbitrary size; includes inversion, eigenanalysis, svd, choleski; ideally suited for HP 200LX; program size less than 100K; normal, t, F, Chi, Poison and Binomial probabilities.
PC Time (65 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.22 by NIST

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PCTIME is a program that sets your computer clock to agree with precise time from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). To use PCTIME, you must have a modem (either internal or external) installed on your computer. Freeware.
PC-Outline (95 KB) added 12/05/1996 (Productivity)
Version 3.37 by TRIUS Inc.

PC-Outline is a DOS-based outline processor for mapping out ideas, organizing them and printing them out in a logical way. Shareware.
PCAO for HP100/200LX (460 KB) added 12/15/1998 (Communication)
Version 1.6 by AOL PDA Forum

PCAO is older America Online DOS software that has been configured by the PDA Forum Staff specifically for the HP100/200LX. Copyrighted freeware.
PCTI Graphing Calculator (68 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1.1 by Texas Instruments

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
TI81 PC EMULATION. This calculator emulator will let you draw graphs of functions on a small screen. Handles a rather complete set of scientific functions. Works with or without a mouse.
PDB2X (PDB2ADR, PDB2PIM, PDB2PHN) (50 KB) added 12/25/2003 (Import-Export)
Version 2.2 by Daniel Hertrich

PDB2X contains 5 synchronization programs for the built-in phone book: You can export the phone book to PIM/PE, to a Post/LX email address book, to Quick/LX for automatic email address completion in mail programs, and to the built-in phone book of a mobile phone (one general tool and one especially for the Ericsson T39m and similar models). Needed: GDBIO
Check the author's homepage for a more recent version and for details about setup and usage.
PDF2TXT (133 KB) added 03/19/2002 (Import-Export)
Version ?? by ??

PDF2TXT converts PDF files to plain ASCII. Needs DPMI to run, so it cannot be run on the palmtop, but you can convert PDFs on the desktop with it and then move the resulting TXT files to the palmtop.
PDTree View (54915 KB) added 12/12/2005 (Utility)
Version 1 by

Non-microsoft clone of the tree command, downloaded from FREE DOS Website
PDU (6 KB) added 01/26/2002 (Communication)
Version 3.0 by Stefan Peichl

PDU.COM converts an ASCII short message (SMS) into a protocol data unit (PDU) and vice versa. PDU format is required by some mobile phones like the SIEMENS S25, S35i and similar models, but it also works with Nokia phones. If you want to handle your SMS like email on the HP 200LX, you should also download Tony Hutchins' POSTPDU. PDU and POSTPDU integrate well into Post/LX.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

PE (PalEdit) (80 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Productivity;Programming;Text;Utility)
Version - latest by Andreas Garzotto

Offsite file: Very good text editor for the palmtop. Has the look and feel of the built-in MEMO app, shares the SysMgr clipboard, outside SysMgr it is Clipvue compatible, has following features: A powerful search feature, integrates with Post/LX to edit email, spell checker, database features, outlining features, programming aid and much more. Probably the most powerful editor for the palmtop. See also and PIM/LX.
Copyrighted freeware.
PEFR (37 KB) added 06/18/1999 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by Matt Glasgow

PEFR is a small, simple clinical program to calculate Normal Predicted Peak Expiratory Flow Rates in Adults. It is useful in the assessment of asthma and other obstructive airway diseases. Copyrighted freeware.
PEGASUS MAIL (1133 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Communication)
Version 3.40 by David Harris

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Pegasus Email for DOS is familiar to many people since the program has been widely used in businesses and institutions for the past five years at least. It does a remarkable job of sending, receiving, and replying to email. It will let you archive and categorize your email and store it in text files. Freeware.
PEICHLS DOS utilities (6 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Screen)
Version 1.0 by Stefan Peichl

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
This collection of utilities from the author of LXPIC will let you compare two files and log the differences, encrypt files, find the attributes of text characters on the screen. NOBLINK tries to make all colored text visible on the HP Palmtops. Freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

PFSA (154 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1 by Dr. Donald Stevens

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
The PFSA program was created to do some rather large but simple algebraic computations.
Photoshp.GDB (7 KB) added 06/27/2004 (Reference)
Version - by Charles van Gelder

Photoshp.GDB is a start of different tips and use of Photoshop and general use of digital files. This database is still in progress. Please put your own tips in it and send the additions to the author.
PIANO (41 KB) added 04/09/1998 (Multimedia)
Version 1.0 by Dieter Schoppitsch
Screen Capture

PIANO is a simple program written using LXBatch that plays 7 tones with variable length, style, octave, and volume. Freeware.
Piano Man (124 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Miscellaneous)
Version 4.01 by Neil J. Rubenking

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PIANOMAN lets you play the keyboard of the Palmtoplike an electronic piano. The keys sound a tone as long as you hold them down, and stop when you release them. You can record and edit music, insert and delete notes, adjust pitch and length, make global changes, and save/retrieve files. Shareware.
Pick (20 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Disk)
Version - latest by Harry Konstas
Screen Capture

Cool little app to allow you to pick a file name and store it in a file. Integrates with PE, Post/LX and many other programs and acts similar to the Windows "open" dialog. Freeware.
Picture Editor (342 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 1.7 by Trionum,Inc.

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PEP (Picture Editing Package) is a drawing/layout program. Lets you draw diagrams, labels, logos, flow charts, floor plans, and more. Vector based & WYSIWYG, PEP includes scalable fonts, decorative borders & ornaments, and complete on-line doc. Shareware.
PIM/LX (103 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Database;Productivity)
Version - latest by Andreas Garzotto

Offsite file: PIM/LX is a very flexible way to manage contacts, tasks and appointments. It works with PalEdit (PE) for data entry and links all your information for seemless retrieval. Can totally replace the built-in PIM applications and provides much more features. Copyrighted freeware. Not supported by the author.
Click here for more information.
Pine (555 KB) added 09/25/1997 (Communication)
Version 3.91 by University of Washington

Pine is a classic emailer and newsreader that will work on the HP 100/200LX with Netdial/EPPPD to send and receive email (and maybe even read news). Free for non-commercial use.
PING/LX (10 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Communication)
Version - latest by D&A Software

Offsite file: PING/LX is a ping client for WWW/LX 2.0 or greater. Copyrighted freeware.
Pixels.WK1 (3 KB) added 06/27/2004 (Lotus;Reference)
Version - by Charles van Gelder

Pixels.wk1 is a very small but handy Lotus 1-2-3 file. It calculates sizes (cm) into pixels and file size of color and B/W image files.
PlayEX (9 KB) added 12/19/1996 (Multimedia)
Version 0.5.6 by MeW

PlayEX is a program to enhance the sound function of the HP 100/200LX for playback of alarm sound data. It will work as both a TSR and from the command line. Copyrighted freeware.
PlaySND (39 KB) added 07/07/1997 (Multimedia)
Version 1.2 by Danny Sands

PlaySND is an LXBatch application for playing sounds. Works great when used with PNS200 for point and click sound playing. Includes source code. Freeware.
PNR Palmtop News Reader (126 KB) added 12/25/2003 (Communication)
Version 4.3 beta 2 by Rod Whitby, David Becher
Screen Capture

Offline news and mail reader for the HP 200LX and similar palmtops. Reads files created by LXMTA (part of LXTCP), standard UNIX mailbox files, bare format news files (which can be created via rn, tnr, tin etc.). Source code is available on David's homepage
PNS200 (16 KB) added 06/27/2004 (Productivity;Utility)
Version - latest by Andreas Garzotto and Daniel Hertrich

Offsite file: One of the best 200LX utilities ever made. Allows multiple program launch selections based on file extensions in Filer. Also useful to enhance for example MM/LX and Post/LX. Freeware.
Pocket FMS (1226 KB) added 05/20/1997 (Mapping)
Version 6.2 by GOEN Industries

Pocket FMS is a complete flight planning, moving map, and logbook in one integrated package. It is the only DOS-based GPS-ready program for palmtops, laptops and desktops. Shareware.
Pocket Launcher (18 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Menu)
Version 1.02 by TONTATA
Screen Capture

Pocket Launcher is an EXM program to launch an application, execute a DOS command or repeat predefined keystrokes from a configurable menu. Copyrighted freware.
Pocket-D (174 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Disk)
Version 4.6 by Pocketware

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
POCKETD PLUS v4.6 Tiny directory lister, file COPY and file manager. Over 220 (!) options and sub-options from command-line or menu-driven interface. Full arch/dir browsing supports 8 arc types, 24 Copy opts, networks, multiple exec/disp templates,utility builder. Shareware.
PocketD (170620 KB) added 12/12/2005 (Font;Screen;Utility)
Version by

as featured in the Jan 1998 DOS World magazine distribution disk, a cool program that lets you manage files from DOS (can color code files, but also useful on the 200LX, because it provides a quick way to perform various functions on files, or view them, from DOS using only the arrow keys to navigate.
Polymath (354 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1 by Lobster Software

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
POLYMATH is more than a calculator. It is a solver with the ability to handle alphabetical data as well as numeric. In some ways it is like Mercury but also contains some elements of object oriented programming. (Abandoned shareware).
Posth (49 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Communication)
Version - latest by Tony Hutchins

Offsite file: POSTH is a utility that will add a configurable header line to a message you are editing in POST/LX. Very flexible. Copyrighted freeware.
POSTPDU (20 KB) added 02/07/2002 (Communication)
Version 1.27 by Tony Hutchins

PostPDU is a very powerful "SMS plugin" for Post/LX. It is based on Stefan Peichl's PDU and uses a Robot/LX script to send and retrieve short messages using a mobile phone. Supports splitting up long messages and sending to multiple addresses simultanously. Check Tony Hutchins' Homepage for a more recent version.
Power Menu (6 KB) added 04/18/1999 (Mapping)
Version 1.0 by Jem E. Berkes

Power Menu is a small, fast (100% assembler) DOS menu program. Stefan Peichl has reported it to be an excellent menu frontend to LXMap. It will work with any DOS program. Copyrighted freeware.
Power Monitor (12 KB) added 04/07/1998 (Power)
Version 2.0 by Gene Dorr

PwrMon is a HP 100/200LX system manager-compliant application for monitoring battery voltage levels. In addition to providing current information on the state of the main and backup batteries, it provides trend information by showing a history of voltage readings. Freeware.
PowerChess (112 KB) added 01/26/1997 (Game)
Version 5.3 by New-Ware
Screen Capture

PowerChess is a DOS-based chess program that plays well on the palmtop. Shareware.
PQ2CDF (8 KB) added 02/25/1997 (Import-Export)
Version 1.0 by Andreas Garzotto

PQ2CDF converts a Pocket Quicken transaction report to comma delimited format. Handy for importing PQ data into Lotus or the database. Freeware.
PQ2T.AWK (94 KB) added 03/19/1998 (Import-Export)
Version 1.0 by David Gwillim

PQ2T.AWK is a script written in Thompson Automation AWK v5.0 that will convert HP200LX Pocket Quicken files into a common format for use with spreadsheet and database programs. Includes the script and a compiled binary. Copyrighted freeware for personal use.
PRC2TXT (2 KB) added 05/04/1999 (Text)
Version 1.0 by Jorgen Dybdahl

PRC2TXT is a DOS utility that allows you to convert PalmPilot PRC and PDB files to regular text for reading on the HPLX. Also includes the FMT.COM program to format wrap long lines. Please send all comments and bug reports to the author so development can continue. Freeware.
Print Preview (34 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 1.12 by Rock Systems

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Rock PreView lets you examine a thumbnail layout of text files before printing them. It offers options to control the number of characters per page (most printers print 80 characters across and 66 lines per page), the colors of the display, and the scale in which to display the pages. Shareware.
PrintGL (290 KB) added 03/06/1997 (Import-Export)
Version 1.60f by Ravitz Software

PrintGL is a pen plotter emulator for DOS and Windows. It also includes a resident program called PrintCAD that intercepts plotter data as it is being written to a file. Will output a PCX or DCX file from a plot file. Shareware.
Pro/LX (46 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Productivity)
Version - latest by Andreas Garzotto

Offsite file: Project management software which works together with PIM/LX. Click here for more information. Copyrighted freeware.
Progcalc (10 KB) added 01/18/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by Diomidis Spinellis

Progcalc is a programmer's calculator for the HP 100/200LX. It can read and display numbers in binary, octal, decimal, internet, hexadecimal, and ASCII notations and perform many functions using no-precedence infix notation (like a four function calaculator). Copyrighted freeware.
Project Gutenberg Database (118 KB) added 09/25/1997 (Reference)
Version 1.0 by Paul Stratton

A database of the most current etexts in the collection of Project Gutenberg. Also includes the original ASCII text, the delimited import file and a description of how the database was built. Freeware.
Project Management Agenda template (7 KB) added 03/02/1999 (Miscellaneous)
Version 1.0 by unknown

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Agenda template for use with Lotus Agenda 2.0. The file appears to be a template for project management. There is no documentation file.
Project Management Docs (12 KB) added 08/20/1997 (Productivity)
Version 1.0 by Various

Contains three files to help with the Japanese Project Management software. The English translation, Jeff Malka's notes on usage and a small readme. Free.
Project Mgr (226 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 3.42 by South Pointe Software

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Resources and Projects Manager is the only projectS management system that focuses on managing all your projects and resources at once -- with no knowledge of CPM (Critical Path Method) or PERT (Program Evaluation and Review technique) required. Shareware.
Project Mgr (69 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 1.2 by SONO

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PJT2001 contains a System Manager Compliant project management system. It maintains its own database of information and works well with the other built in applications. Freeware.
ProMATHeus (199 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 4.0 by Mark Brissman

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
ProMATHeus II 4.00--The Formula Processor: Powerful, intuitive, many operators & funcs: math, stat, finance, calculus, trig, graphs. Works like you think: easily enter interactive formulas, variables & custom functions.
Protel Easytrax (462 KB) added 02/24/1999 (Miscellaneous)
Version 2.06 by Protel Technology
Screen Capture

Easytrax is a low-cost, yet powerful, softare package for producing printed circuit board (PCB) artwork. It is a fully-featured system which runs on the IBM-PC/XT/AT and PS/2 series and close compatibles. Copyrighted freeware.
PSEdit (98 KB) added 04/29/1999 (Productivity)
Version 4.2 by Gary C. Crider

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Yet another hex editor that works on the HP Palmtop. We've included the CGAHELP program and a start-up batch file to make the program more readable. Use with caution: the file you destroy may be your own.
PSpice Evaluation 1/2 (1141 KB) added 09/05/1998 (Miscellaneous)
Version 5.0a by MicroSim Corp

This is a 1991 evaluation copy of the PSpice circuit simulation software for DOS. Runs on the 100/200LX, but is much slower than on the desktop. Requires Commercial demo.
PSpice Evaluation 2/2 (1087 KB) added 09/05/1998 (Miscellaneous)
Version 5.0a by MicroSim Corp

This is a 1991 evaluation copy of the PSpice circuit simulation software for DOS. Runs on the 100/200LX, but is much slower than on the desktop. Requires Commercial demo.
Q4X - DOS menu program (70 KB) added 01/23/2002 (Productivity;Utility)
Version 2.1 by Michael Lennartz
Screen Capture

Q4X is a small menu program for DOS. It has lots of options, including a battery status display for the HP palmtops.
Check the Migaro homepage for more recent versions.
QBasic QuickReference (HTML format) (35 KB) added 08/28/2002 (Programming;Reference)
Version ? by Kris Jamsa

Description, syntax, usage notes, examples of QuickBasic commands.
Qua!-lx (24 KB) added 01/09/1997 (Communication)
Version 1.3 by H. Shrikumar

Qua!-lx is a Unix-Mail gateway for the cc:Mail applet in the HP 100lx/200lx series palmtop PC. The program is only 2K and easily processes uqwk-prepared mail packets for reading with your built-on cc:Mail application. Copyrighted freeware for personal use only. Author requests payment for commercial use.
Quatech SPP-100 Enabler (3 KB) added 01/06/1997 (Driver)
Version 0.20 by Hiroyuki Sekiya

SPP100 is an improved enabler for the Quatech SPP-100prallel port card. Copyrighted freeware.
Quick Ref (250 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Productivity)
Version 1.1 by Intelligent Educational Software

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
QuikRef v1.1 Creates Multi-media HyperText Lists with up to 1500 Buttons. Each Button can call up a Graphic or a Voice or Music file or Text Information. Use for Glossaries, teaching and training drills, look-up lists of technical terms and more. Shareware.
Quick View (45 KB) added 09/23/2001 (Text)
Version 1.6 by alan krempler

QuickView is a small, system-manager-compliant file viewer for the HP 100/200LX. It lets you view files of unlimited size as ASCII text or HEX files. It supports the zoom modes of the HP-LX. Copyrighted freeware.
Quick/LX (38 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Keyboard;Productivity)
Version - latest by D&A Software (Andreas Garzotto)

Offsite file: Quick/LX is a "word completer", a macro processor and can even act as a spelling dictionary. Copyrighted freeware. Click here for more information.
Quickstar Fax Pro (103 KB) added 07/21/1997 (Communication)
Version 1.10 by Anthony Mai

A small, fast fax program for the palmtop. The newest version allows you to browse the HP phonebook for the fax number. Shareware.
Quikmenu (525 KB) added 04/26/1998 (Menu)
Version 3.1g by NeoSoft Corp

Quikmenu III is an icon-based graphical menu and desktop for DOS. Includes powerful utility and file management features. Shareware.
QVCom (24 KB) added 12/31/1996 (Connectivity)
Version 0.52 by Masaki Tsumori (Brahma)
Screen Capture

QVCom connects your 100/200LX to a Casio QV-10/100 digital camera for image transfer and manipulation. The program is offered "as is" and the auther is no longer developing QVCom because Casio is not making QV-10 technical information public. The author of this program feels that technical information should be made available to the public and that Casio's policy will cause them to miss an important business opportunity. Copyrighted freeware.
QVRemote (50 KB) added 01/26/1998 (Connectivity)
Version 0.9 by Toshiki Sasabe (Janbe)

QVRemote is a program to remotely control a Casio digital camera, the QV-10/QV-100, from the HP 100/200LX. This program is a 200LX adaptation of QVplay, created by Ken-ichi Hayashi and itojun on Unix platform. Copyrighted freeware.
QXPENSE (35 KB) added 11/14/1999 (Productivity)
Version 1.0 by Jean-Jacques Moreau

QXPENSE allows you to quickly enter expenses, pretty much as on the PalmPilot. Categories, currency, etc can all be changed using the function keys. All changes are immediate (as in the built-in DB applications), so as to avoid data losses, so there is little need to ever exit the application. Once you have transferred your data to your favorite expense manager, you can purge QXPENSE's expense list. QXPENSE was compiled using NKIT, although it can be compiled and debugged with PAL. No floating point required; a second integer is used to hold cents. At the moment, categories, currencies, etc. are all hardcoded, and cannot be changed by users. The author is willing to help if someone wants to add this functionality. Freeware
Random Topcard Selector (4 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Graphics)
Version 1.0 by Daniel Oak

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Randomly picks a new picture for your topcard. Freeware.
Read/LX (37 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Screen;Text)
Version - latest by Andreas Garzotto

Offsite file: Read/LX lets you read ASCII text "on spot" (each word is displayed for a short while in the same position on the screen). Unsupported copyrighted freeware. Click here for more information. See also bigfont1!
READMAIL (166 KB) added 03/08/1998 (Text)
Version 5.0 by Jeroen Schipper

READMAIL is a program for breaking down mailboxes and mailing list digests into multiple messages for reading, deleting or printing. It can also be used to generate offline replies which can be sent in various ways. Copyrighted freeware.
Reconcile disks (65 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Utility)
Version 1.4h by Silver Wolf Software

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Reconcyl is a $45 shareware utility that will help synchronize the files on different drives and directories .
Relevant Backup System (17 KB) added 01/13/1998 (Disk)
Version 1.0 by Mark Jordan

Relevant Backup System creates an incremental or full archive of specified files, storing copies of the files into an archive that is automatically given a unique name or a name of the user's choice. Copyrighted freeware.
RemKey (36 KB) added 11/22/1996 (Keyboard)
Version 1.10 by Craig Payne

RemKey is a small program which allows the keyboard of one PC to act as the keyboard of another PC through a wired or infrared serial link. Freeware.
Remote Commander (20 KB) added 03/06/1997 (Connectivity)
Version 1.09 by Alex Patterson

The Remote Commander is a System Manager-compliant learning remote control for the HP 95/100/200LX. Shareware.
Remote Control (45 KB) added 01/18/1999 (Utility)
Version 2.0 by Diomidis Spinellis
Screen Capture

Remote Control 100 adds record and playback commands to the infrared port in the HP 100/200LX. Copyrighted freeware.
Replace DOS5.0 (13 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Disk)
Version 5.0 by Microsoft

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
REPLACE is the DOS command from MS-DOS version 5.0. HP omitted it from the software in ROM on the Palmtop since Filer's backup function does much of what Replace can do. However for 1000CX users, Replace and REPLCOPY.BAT are useful. Commercialware.
RESET (3 KB) added 08/16/1998 (Disk)
Version 1.0 by Bruce Travers

RESET is a small utility that allows you to maintain several different environments on your PC via several AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. Public domain.
REST.GDB - Amsterdam restaurants database (57 KB) added 10/09/2004 (Reference)
Version - by Charles van Gelder

Database of restaurants in and near Amsterdam, also in Antwerp / Belgium. Info about quality, price, type of food, vegetarian, liquor, terrace, credit cards, pcode, address, phone etc.
Reversi (9 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Game)
Version 4/0 by David Parsons

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Reversi 4.0 is a great rendition of the game of Othello for the the Palmtop. This version has several levels of play and is "adjustable" in the advanced level of play. Freeware.
RFC867 (2 KB) added 12/12/2005 (Communication)
Version 1.0 by Pavel Zampach

Robot/LX script for connection with RFC-867 time server and setting internal computer clock
Ring (3 KB) added 01/22/2002 (Communication;Connectivity)
Version 3.2 by Stefan Peichl

Ring is a small utility that allows the palmtop to ring when a call is received on your cellular phone. In the debug mode, the program detects and measures EMI disturbances which can kill an IrDA connection (read more about that problem here). Freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage

Riziko (77 KB) added 11/19/2002 (Game)
Version 1.2 by Gergo Viczian
Screen Capture

Riziko is an impressive version of the classic board game Risk. It is written using the PAL libraries and you will be amazed at the graphics. This is an offsite link and the web page loads a bit slowly, but the wait is worth it. The web page is gorgeous, too.
Robert's Rules of Order HTML version (186 KB) added 03/31/2003 (Reference)
Version 4th Edition by General Henry M. Robert and Constitution Society, submitted by Ian Gifford

The latest version of Robert's Rules is "Robert's Rules of Order (Newly Revised, 10th Edition)", Henry M. Robert III, et al; this HTML version is the 4th Edition (published in 1915) and is nice to have when you are in need of a quick review of Robert's Rules. Freeware.
RoboNews/LX (94 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Communication)
Version - latest by Tony Hutchins

Offsite file: lets you handle Usenet news groups from within Post/LX. Copyrighted freeware. Needs WWW/LX.
ROBOT/LX (30 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Communication)
Version - latest by Andreas Garzotto

Offsite file: ROBOT/LX is a WWW/LX client that automates recurring Internet access sessions. It can be used, for example, to synchronise your palmtop's time with the time of a server on the Internet. Or it can be used to retrieve data from CompuServe via a telnet session. It can be used for almost anything provided the service is accessable using an ASCII-based protocol. See also ROBONEWS/ LX, ROBOWEB/LX and POSTPDU. Copyrighted freeware.
ROBOWEB/LX (190 KB) added 01/28/2002 (Communication)
Version - latest by Tony Hutchins

Offsite file: ROBOWEB/LX gets web pages and stores them in Post/LX, either as plain text messages, or HTML pages in Post/LX or outside Post/LX with a portal from Post/LX. ROBOWEB/LX starts from a given URL and digs below it according to parameters given with the URL. Needs WWW/LX, Post/LX and Robot/LX. Click here for more information.
Rogue (59 KB) added 03/01/1998 (Game)
Version 1.1 by Jon Lane
Screen Capture

The classic adventure game of Rogue. Version 1.1 is less buggy on the palmtop and this archive also includes an icon for System Manager. Based on UNIX Rogue 5.2, but uses other character graphics. Freeware.
Rolo (12 KB) added 05/26/2001 (Database)
Version 1.02 by Bryan Biggers

A small, free-form ASCII database program for the HP palmtops. DOS mode (not System Manager compliant). Copyrighted freeware. (4 KB) added 02/08/1999 (Database)
Version 1.0 by Laust Brock-Nannestad is a perl script for creating a HPLX database (GDB) of all the RPMs found in a list of user-specified directories. It will also flag those that are installed on the current system so you can see which are installed and which are not. Requires a Unix system employing RPM (Red Hat Package Manager). Also requires a compiled copy of gdbload which is also available on SUPER. Public Domain.
RPN Calc (36 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Calculator)
Version 2.0 by David Alexander

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
This is an early version of an RPN calculator with a 20-fold stack that can be saved and reloaded to and from disk. It is much like HP Calc but lacks graphs and statistics. The program is labelled "freeware" but a fee is requested.
RPN Calculator (34 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1 by Scott T. Schad

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
RPNCALC is yet another RPN calculator program for the PC. This one comes without any documentation. Just run RPNCAL and press H to get a single screen of Help.
RPN Calculator (57 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 3 by R.A. Montante

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
RPN --- A simulation of a Hewlett-Packard HP-29c scientific calculator. Almost all of the functions are implemented. There is no programmability feature. All math is done in double-precision floating-point. There are 100 memory "registers" (rather than the HP-29c's 31 "registers").
RPN Demo (80 KB) added 04/29/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1.0 by John Kennedy

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
If you've ever wondered what an RPN calculator can do, here's the answer. The program emulates the venerable HP 41C program and animates the operations in slow motion. What makes this archive valuable is the 4 part tutorial on RPN calculating.
RTF-HTML (18 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Import-Export)
Version 1.1D by Andrew Punch

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
DOX version 1.10d converts to/from rtf/text/html. i.e. It is BIDIRECTIONAL. Freeware
RTF2VDE (13 KB) added 12/12/2005 (Text)
Version 1.01 by Pavel Zampach

RUN (14 KB) added 09/06/1998 (Productivity)
Version 1.00 by Hiroyuki Sekiya

RUN is a utility that uses a MoreEXM API (application program interface) to easily launch any EXM by typing "RUN (program name)". This will keep you from having to register the program with the Application Manager or MoreEXM first. Originally part of the software collection sold with the "HP200LX Software Bible" co-authored by Hiroyuki Sekiya and Hirotaka Hamada, published by Softbank, Tokyo, in April 1996 (ISBN4-89052-911-X). Now released as copyrighted freeware.
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