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Y-F(X) Calculator (111 KB) added 10/26/1999 (Calculator)
Version 1 by John Kennedy

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
YFUNX - a program for graphing and analyzing functions in rectangular form,
Yahtzee (14 KB) added 05/03/1998 (Game)
Version 2.1 by Curtis Cameron
Screen Capture

Yahtzee for the HP 100/200LX. Now for one or two players. Copyrighted freeware. Check for a more recent version on C. Cameron's homepage
Year 2000 (19 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Utility)
Version 1 by NSTL

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
This archive contains the Y2000.EXE utility program which will determine if your desktop is year 2000 compatible or not. Copyrighted Freeware
ZANSI.SYS (2 KB) added 12/17/1996 (Driver)
Version ? by Unknown

ZANSI.SYS is a tiny ANSI.SYS replacement for the palmtop that offers most features except for keyboard re-mapping. Freeware.
ZCOPY (12 KB) added 07/15/1999 (Connectivity)
Version 1.21 by Yoshihiko Hyodo

XCOPY-like program for use with X-Finder setup. (Not the same as Zmodem Copy.) Copyrighted freeware.
ZIP (179 KB) added 11/04/1997 (Disk)
Version 2.1 by Info-ZIP

ZIP is a compression and file packaging utility that is compatible with PKZIP 2.04g for MSDOS systems. This version of zip has been ported to a wide variety of Unix and other mainframes, minis, and micros including VMS, OS/2, Minix, MSDOS, Windows NT, Atari, Amiga and VM/CMS. Copyrighted freeware.
Zip Chunker (21 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Disk)
Version 1.02 by Scott Jibben

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
ZIP Chunker takes a ZIP file and creates subsets of the file according to a users specified size. These subsets can be uncompressed as normal using UNZIP. Freeware.
ZIP File X-Ray (19 KB) added 11/11/1996 (Disk)
Version 1.25 by Gordon Haff
Screen Capture

Indispensable utility for peering inside the ZIP files on your palmtop's disks. Selectively extract files and read documentation from inside the ZIP. Copyrighted freeware.
Zip Shell (383 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Disk)
Version 10.9 by Jim Derr

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
SHEZ v10.9 is a compression shell program that supports ZIP, LHA, ZOO, ARC, ARJ, SQZ, PAK, UC2, HAP, RAR, WINDOWS COMPRESSED. Includes a full featured file manager that works in conjunction with 4DOS.
ZIP.COM (53 KB) added 12/27/2002 (Connectivity)
Version 2.21 by Eric Meyer

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Fast File Transfer program between Palmtop and other computers. Now Freeware.
ZIPZAP sector editor (30,8 KB) added 08/31/2003 (Utility)
Version 7.15 by KeyStrokes Computer Works

This is a sector-based disk / file editor.
ZOOM (9 KB) added 01/06/1997 (Screen)
Version 1.10 by Hiroyuki Sekiya

ZOOM was inspired by the commercial "Magnify!" program. It will enlarge the screen in its height, or both width and height, by a factor of two. Copyrighted freeware.
Zoomc (6 KB) added 01/14/1997 (Screen)
Version 1.00 by Torry

Zoomc is a program for zooming a DOS graphics screen. Freeware.
ZZT games (855 KB) added 12/20/1998 (Game)
Version 2.0 by Epic Megagames, Tim Sweeney, et al.

Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
ZZT contains several DOS based adventure games from EPIC software. These are called the Megagames. IMHO they are hard to play on the Palmtop. They're free but the restrictions state that they may not be put on a CD! Freeware.
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