The FX-502P, FX-602P, FX-702P and Accessories

Picture of FX-502P, FX-602P & FX-702P This is a picture of the FX-502P, its successor the FX-602P and later FX-702P. Note that the FX-602P, although physically similar to the FX-502P, is not the same. It can be seen in the picture that the cases are slightly different. They need to be because the alphanumeric screen of the FX-602P is slightly bulkier and won't quite fit into the FX-502P's case.
Picture of FX-502P This is my much abused FX-502P. The conversion table is an original standard accessory. The calculator is shown with the programming overlay in place. (This was not needed for the later FX-601P/FX-602P owing to their alphanumeric capability).

FX-502P basic information

  • Number of steps: 256 (but each new program area takes 1 step so biggest single program is 255)
  • Number of memories: 22 (M0..M9, M10..M19 (aka M.0 .. M.9), MF and M1F (aka M.F)
  • Quoted power consumption: 0.0008W (or 0.001W with the FA-1)
  • Batteries: 2 x G-13 (alkaline)

FX-501P basic information

The FX-501P was basically the same calculator as the FX-502P but with half the memory.
  • Number of steps: 128 (but each new program area takes 1 step so biggest single program is 127)
  • Number of memories: 11 (M0..M9, and MF)
  • Batteries: 2 x G-13 (alkaline)
Picture of FX-602P This immaculate FX-602P is shown with the original brief operation guide.

FX-602P basic information

The FX-602P has the advantage over the FX-502P of more memory that could be reallocated between M-registers and program steps. It also had a password feature.
  • Number of steps: 32 to 512 (but each new program area takes 1 step so biggest single program is 511)
  • Number of memories: 22 min (M00...M19 & MF and M1F) to 88 max
  • Quoted power consumption: 0.0018W (or 0.0024W with the FA-1)
  • Batteries: 2 x C2032 (Lithium) ... and you'll need a screw-driver to change them unlike the FX-502P

FX-601P basic information

The FX-601P was basically the same calculator as the FX-602P but with half the memory and without the password feature.
Picture of FX-702P As can be seen the FX-702P is a very different beast.

FX-702P basic information

  • Number of steps: 80 to maximum of 1680 (uses BASIC)
  • Number of memories: 26 to a maximum of 226 (+ exclusive character variable)
  • Quoted power consumption: 0.01W max
  • Batteries: 2 x CR2032 (Lithium)
Picture of music overlay

The FX-501/502P & FX-601/602P had the capability to play music via programmed instructions. To help with this function the FA-1 & FA-2 came with an overlay sheet. They all had the same sheet. This one was delivered with the FA-2 but was the same as the one that came with my FA-1. As can be seen, for the FX601/602P owner, it has confusing FX-501/502P programming codes to the right of the keys and '10' below the decimal point which is only relevant to the FX-502P.

Note that although I have no direct experience of either the FX-501P or FX-601P the instruction manual to the FA-2 explicitly refers to their musical capability so be sceptical of what you read elsewhere saying that the FX-601P has no such capability.

Examples of the music, of which the FX-502P was capable, were given on the tape supplied with the FA-1.

Picture of FA-1 This is the FA-1, the device that can be used to connect the an FX-501P, FX-502P, FX-601P or FX-602P to a tape recorder to store or retrieve programs or to output the music. The wings on the edge of the calculator fit into the slots.
Picture of FA-2 This is the FA-2, the successor to the FA-1, and can be used for the same purpose for the same calculators and also the FX-702P. The little hook on the left acts as the left slot for the FX-502P & FX-602P or hooks into the back of the wider FX-702P.
Picture of FP-10 This is the electric discharge printer for the calculators and connects to the FA-2 (but not the FA-1).

Special thanks goes to Mr.A.Horsfall and his father for the loan of the FX-602P, FX-702P, FA-2 and FP-10. This FX-602P was used to test all the programs on this site for compatibility of the programs with the FX-602P.