Click to enlarge Originally the FX-502P and associated calculators were designed to record and replay programs from tape. I have converted some program recordings to the familiar *.wav format. These *.wav files can be played into the calculator using the FA-1 adaptor (or, I suspect, its successors). On my machine at least, each of these files can be played directly from my sound card into the FA-1 and thus into the calculator. Remember to have the volume turned up! From this page the *.wav files can be downloaded. These contain the programs and and memories that are described elsewhere on this web-site. The number at the end of the file names gives the recording number which has to be entered when the file is played to the calculator. The FA-1 adaptor was supplied with the laminated card (left) to summarised its operations. The load operation is on the 3rd and 4th rows of the table in the guide. Click image to enlarge (139kB).
File Zip version of file Contents
fx502p_complex950.wav (138KB) (30KB) Complex numbers program (Uses all P0 to P9)
fx502p_3progs003.wav (137KB) (28KB)

Tables tester on P1 with subroutine on P6,

Factorials to 253! on P2 (requires memory 1F from memory set below),

Fractions on P4

fx602p_2progs002.wav (113KB) (33KB)

FX-601P/FX-602P tables tester on P1 with subroutine on P6,

Fractions on P4

fx502p_memories001.wav (109KB) (23KB) Memory set containing the character set (to enable indirect access to 10 digits of the L registers, MF & M.F) and in M.F the value 110100

Official programs for games and music that were supplied on a tape with the FA-1 are available on the Manuals page.