I would like to thank the Casio Computer Co. Ltd for allowing me to upload these files. See the external links page for other sites which have Casio manuals, including that for the FX-602P

Because the Casio manuals of this era were in both English and Spanish, the pdf manuals below have been produced in 2 halves to produce smaller downloads.

Casio FX-502P Manual

Casio FA-1 Manual

Casio FA-1 Demonstration Tape

The documentation for the content of the demonstation tape is to be found in the Casio FA-1 manual above. See page 10 (English) or page 34 (español).

File Zip version of file Contents
Fur_Elise.wav (648KB) (53KB) Für Elise as generated by FX-502P
Sakura_Sakura.wav (217KB) (17KB) Sakura Sakura as generated by the FX-502P or FX-501P
FA1_FP100.wav (134KB) (21KB) Für Elise (program) for FX-502P
FA1_F100.wav (109KB) (15KB) Für Elise (register data) for FX-502P
FA1_FP200.wav (136KB) (21KB) Sakura Sakura (program) for FX-501P
FA1_F200.wav (110KB) (15KB) Sakura Sakura (register data) for FX-501P
FA1_FP300.wav (139KB) (21KB) Bombarding game
FA1_FP400.wav (138KB) (21KB) Hit-mole games
FA1_FP500.wav (138KB) (21KB) Guess-number game
FA1_FP600.wav (139KB) (20KB) Number ordering game
FA1_FP700.wav (137KB) (21KB) Take-stone game
FA1_FP800.wav (137KB) (21KB) Hit & Blow game (261KB) A zip of all of the above wav files