Casio FX-502P Quirks

This is the depository of quirks of the operation of the Casio FX-502P and FX-501P that I have been sent by readers of this site. There is some overlap with what you'll find in my challenges and solutions.

Quirks Sent in by Johan de Knijff

The following articles are from Hobby Computer Club, Programmable calculators, The Netherlands, HCCM nr. 29, 31 and 37. Part of this material was also published by this group as "Procalist part 1" (March 1982, out of print)

Quirks 1 & 2 by Herman Perk

In this PDF file (38689 bytes) on the top of page 2, you'll find a rather more elegant way of generating the character set than the method that I found. However be warned that it is in Dutch and that to follow it you need to know that ';' corresponds to the °'" key. The file also covers a way to access the L-registers at the bottom of page 3. It is based on Dick Pountain's column in the magazine "Personal Computer World", Nov 1980, Jan 1981 and Feb 1981

Quirks 3 by Frans Hoesel

Quirks3 covers the fabrication of displays of arbitrary numbers and special characters. Unlike Quirks 1 & 2 above this has been translated into English from Dutch by Johan de Knijff with modifications and possible corruptions by myself.