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Watch adaptor : AD-4177

RAM : 18kb and 50 ko available with RP-33 extension memory. Doesn't accept RP-8 ? To be verified.

Can we really talk about the series FX-850 P? The Z-1, for example, has the graphic functions unknown to fx-850p/880p and VXn: Draw & Point functions already available on PB-700/770,

It's possible to upgrade it to 256kb by replacing internal ram by two 128ko ram.

Special Modes - the coordinates go from (0,0) to (191,63):
box mode50,(50,00)-(70,30) (black rectangle)
BOXC : mode51,(50,00)-(70,30) (white rectangle = rubber)
CIRCLE : mode52,(80,20),5 (black circle)
PAINT : mode53,80,20 (fills the zone containing the specified point)
COPY : mode54,(50,00)-(70,30) (Zone copy)
CUT : mode55,(50,00)-(70,30) (Zone cut)
PASTE : mode56,(80,30):(Zone past)

An english manual written by Laurent and offered to everybody.

Japanese manual (same as FX-890p's)

Program Library

Download thanks to Calameo

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