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Watch model : fx-911W
CASIO fx-911Zfx-911W

Secret functions : 1. Press and HOLD shift, 0, ON in this order, and then release. you shld see on the main display some weird bars and lines. 2. Press and HOLD < (Replay arrow left), hyp, =, ON in this order. the calculator shld switch on. Release the keys. 3. Check that it is in the advanced mode by pressing MODE, the first display shld be 1: comp, 2: cmplx 4. Press 1 or 2 to select the mode: 2-complex numbers (i given by Pol(, you can test this out by going into mode 2 and pressing i2) integration uses mode 1 (comp) in this case 5. Press nCr and you will see the integration sign & a ( on the formula area. enter in your equation (better to enclose in brackets). then press , and enter the lower bound, then press , again to enter the upper bound, and press = you can also press a close bracket ) at the end

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