Acquisitions: buying or gift

Here are last machines, devices and publications integrated in my libraries. Buying or gifts.

In this special topic, the green sign indicates that the item has arrived to my place.

In parentheses, indications about the origin including the coutry.

Actual month

CASIO EDIFICE EQB-1000-HR1-AER (France - 52)

CASIO HW-700 (Japan - Rinkya)

CASIO PRO-101 (Japan - Rinkya)

HP-21 (United states)

HP-25 (United states)

CASIO CASSIOPEIA E-125 (France - Torgamm)

SHARP PC-1212 (France - Rémy)

SHARP PC-1211 (France - Rémy)

SHARP PC-1210 (France - Rémy)

CASIO AQ-1700 (England)

CASIO SF-R20 (Czech Republic )

September 2019

CASIO fx-92 College New (France)

CASIO fx-991 SP X II Iberia_MC (Spain - el Corte Ingles)

CASIO SB-5 (Japon - Rinkya)

CASIO fx-290 (Japan - Rinkya)

CASIO fx-570SP X II Iberia_JW (Spain - kiki)

CASIO fx-570Z (France - LBC)

CASIO fx-991SP X II Iberia_JW (Spain)

CASIO fx-85SP X II Iberia_HI (Spain)

CASIO fx-85SPX II Iberia_SG (Spain)

CASIO fx-570SP X II Iberia_AL (Spain)

CASIO FX-82SP X II Iberia_MC (Spain)

August 2019

CASIO fx-82SP X II Iberia (Spain - Vinted)

July 2019

Casio HS-9 (France - Nextcube)

June 2019

CASIO DQ-540 (France)

HP-10B (France)

May 2019

CASIO SL-300NC (Silicium - Nextcube)

CASIO DR-320ER (France-Bernouilli)
March 2019

CASIO L-80(3) (United states - California)

CANON XR-100 (France)

CANON X-722 (France)

CANON X-721 (France)

CANON XP-130F (France)

CANON XP-120F (France)

CANON XP-110F (France)

CASIO fx-3600PA (Spain - Javier)

CASIO ES-800 (Spain - Javier)

CASIO FR-620TEC (France - Mediapost)

CASIO PF-5200 (Japan - Rinkya)

CASIO fx-912MS (Japan - Rinkya)

CASIO fx-300W PLUS (England)
February 2019

CASIO ES-120 (Spain)

CASIO AD-1 (England)

CASIO fx-260 Solar Small (Canada)

CASIO HQ-25 (England)

CASIO fx-92 College I (France)

January 2019

CASIO fx-550 (France - nextcube)

CASIO MS-270L (France - Nextcube)

CASIO fx-991W (Canada)

December 2018

CASIO fx-260 Solar (Canada)

CASIO fx-250HC (Canada)

CASIO fx-991V (England)

CASIO OH-9700GE (USA - Michigan)

CASIO DX-12B (Thailand)

CASIO MJ-120D (Thailand)

CASIO AX-120B (Thailand)

CASIO fx-350EX (Thailande)

CASIO fx-90B (Romania)

November 2018

CASIO fx-500A (England)

CASIO WJ-100L (England)

CASIO SL-1000L (England)

CASIO AZ-45F (England)

CASIO HL-807C (Germany)

CASIO SL-880 (Japan - Rinkya)

October 2018

CASIO SL-807 (France)

CASIO fx-991MS (England)

CASIO SL-310TER+ (France - given by nextcube)

CASIO JF-Z200 (France - given by nextcube)

CASIO TH-8 (Spain)

CASIO fx-912W (Japan - Rinkya)

CASIO fx-92+ Spéciale Collège (France)

September 2018

CASIO EDIFICE EQB-500DB-2AER (France - Paris 17)

August 2018

CASIO PD-101 (Japan - Rinkya)

CASIO EDIFICE EQB-600D-1AER (Thailande - MBK Center bangkok)

CASIO D-50 (Austria)

July 2018

CASIO fx-991WA (Austria)

CASIO fx-300MS (France)

CASIO fx-300W (Bulgaria)

June 2018

CASIO fx-350WA (Germany)

CASIO fx-570W (England)