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The Memory- series

The smaller ones

The Casio Mini series

The begining

Chargers & Adaptors

The first scientific series

Sperry Remington clons

MBO & others clons

The programmables

Boots clons

VFD with printer


The MR series

Les premières financières

La série des J*-

The FX-702p series

The FX-770p series

The FX-850p series

The vertical series

Chargers & Adaptors

The program tapes

The printers

Ram packs


The PB-100 series

The PB-410 series

The FX-730p series


The PB-700 series

The big PBs

The FX-602p series


Green Classic (1996-)

2010 - 2016 news

2007-2009 news

The OH/RM series

Algébra Series (1999)

+ Link (1990)

+ Icon Menu (1993)

Dark Classic

+ Wide display (1993)

Small graphics (1991)

New design (2002)

Classpads (2003-2017)


The beginning (1985)

Power graphic (1990)

The fx-6910G series

Exam Mode (2015-2016)

The programmable series

The fx-xxxW/Z/TL series

La série des fx-82

La série fx-xxx College

The Formula series


La série des fx-xxxx

The fx-xxxES series

The fx-xxxMS series

The fx-xxxS series

The fx-xxxA series

The fx-xxxM series

The fx-xxxB series

Not yet classified

The CLASSWIZ series

The fx-xxxH series

The fx-xxxV series

The fx-xxxD series

The fx-xxxC/E series

The fx-180p series

The fx-xxxN series

The fx-xxx series


La série des Lady

With printer

The Water Protect series

The D* series

Calculator Watches

The series of portrait LC

The ExWord series

The portrait series of SL

Les séries des M*

Chargers & adaptors

Translators & travelers

The HL series

The series of cards LC

The J*- series

The financial series

Small Euro converters

The series of Cards SL


The musical

The Quartz series

Not yet classified

La série des MICRO


The H* series

The SL-3xx series

The Dual Leaf series

Réveils Casio


My prefered watches

Game watches

Handy writers

The games

The TI

Nixdorf museum (2)

Savone museum

The X-07 series

The HPs

The laptops

Fake machines

Nixdorf museum (1)


Casio touch pads


Other Basic machines


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