The CASIO PB-410 series
PB-500F / PD-131

The common

No internal memory (except ROM) : 1 or 2 memory cards (2 or 4 k and 8 k for the fx750p) that you can switch from one computer to the other,

They differ from one to other :
By the F key like for the PB-100 series
By the memory card insertion : from the bottom or, for the F series, from the back of the hull
The F series is independent from the F Key but depend on the extension memory insertion.

The back of the FX-750p F with the two extension memory locations.

All FX models have F KEY, the PB haven't, like the PB-100 series.

The models PB-410 an,d fx-720p are different friom PB-500 and fx-750p ones.

PB-410, PB-410f, FX720p and FX-720p f description :
One 2 or 4kb ram card
Size : 164 x 82 x 14 mm
A data bank function allows to save, read and modify data with e search function.
12 digits screen
A small classical memory program.

PB-500, PB-500f, FX750p and FX-750p f description :
One or two 2, 4 or 8 kb ram cards
Size : 186 x 82 x 16 mm
No data Bank function
24 digits screen

Marcus tools
For PB-410 and FX-720p, use tools bas730 and list730.
bas730 syntax : bas730.exe -w file.bas file.wav.
list730 syntax : list730.exe -w file.wav > file.bas

For PB-500 and FX-750p, use tools bas850 and list850.
bas850 syntax : bas850.exe -w -u file.bas file.wav
list850 syntax : list850.exe -wS file.wav > file.bas

An adapation for the PB-410 for NISSAN : the PD-700B

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