The pockemul application can emulate a large number of programmable computers. The partnership between the Pockemul and casio.ledudu.com teams has helped to develop the presence of the Casio brand within Pockemul.
*: A few non Casio machines found their place in Casio.ledudu.com. They are also listed on this page when they are emulated by Pockemul.
We can only advise the download of Pockemul application to those who want to discover or rediscover the programmable computers of the 80s.

So, here is the set of Casio materials emulated :

LCD touch keys computer

Multi-ROM card computer

PROLOG programming ROM

BASIC programming ROM

Fits to series : FX-730p, FX-850p and PB-2000.

Fits to series : FX-850p and PB-2000.

Printer and tape Device for fx-8000g and fx-8500g

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