The fx-xxxGT series
fx-82AU Plus
FX-82AU Plus II
fx-83GT Plus
fx-85GT Plus

Natural-VPAM (Visually Perfect Algebraic Method)
Two calculators :
fx-83GT Plus
fx-85GT Plus
The second one is Solar.

fx-82 AU Plus : light fx-83GT plus for australian market.

fx-86 DE Plus : same as fx-85GT plus for german market.

Prime factor factorization : FACT function.
Only prime factors
Example #1 : for 11803, the function returns 11 X 29 X 37.
Example #2 : for 9876487651, the function returns 577 X (17116963)
For p, The algorithm tests all numbers
For 2018, the function returns 2 X (1009), It can not find that 1009 is a prime factor allthough all divisors should be less then 1000 and one of then less than its square root (45)....

Fraction calculations

Factorial function till 69!

Table values for a f(x) function.

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