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One of the most famous and old casio pocket computer. The only one with this alphabetical keyboard soon outdated.

RAM : 2kb (no available memory extension)

With FA2 device for back up to tape

Box of the device

Its printer works with a very special and unique metallized paper.
Watch printer : FP-10

Read the FP10 summary published in french publication "'Ordinateur individuel" n°34 (Thanks woodstock).

Pocket's Museum

How to open a fx-702p with care.
On Rocbo.net
On obsolete-tears.com
On mycalcdb
On calculators.torensma.net

Programs to be downloaded at pmeheut.free.fr
A trick to extract the password of a program

Inside the FX-702p : two typse of motherboard exist (photo silicium.org)

A Scalable Vector Graphics view of the machine

Author : dnu72 on wikimedia commons

Read the fx-702p summary published in french publication "'Ordinateur individuel" n°33 (Thanks woodstock).

The user's guide

French download (On Rocbo.net)
English download

Program library

Download of the program library in french

50 fifty programs for Casio FX-702P & FX-801P

Toolbox for FX-702p - 25 programs

FX-702p's discovery (French) by Jean-Pierre RICHARD.

Driving the FX-702p and FX-801p (french) by Philippe OROS and Alain PERBOST

The FP-10 printer manual

"New scientist magazine" - 1982 : PROfessional Computing Solutions

Prince des anneaux (par Christian - Hebdogiciel)

Apollo 12 (par Christian - Hebdogiciel)

Seigneur (par Christian - Hebdogiciel)

Labyrinthe d'enfer (par Frédéric - Hebdogiciel)

In hanheld magazine n°6 : may-june, 1982

Japanese ad :

English advertising in "Your computer", October 1981

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