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Price (shipping included) : 260 euros


A new design : more confortable, easier

64 electronic dictionnaries included + 10 Japanese-French and japanese english electronic dictionnaries

A dual color touch screen which greatly facilitates the research and manipulation

Use the stylus to navigate the menu, write memos, select, scroll text and more!

With the stylus, you can draw kanji, kana and romaji to search on two touch screens

The Casio EX-word XD-6 B7200 More data can speak Japanese, English and French as a native (most other languages ​​in applications relating to travel and tourism)

Flash Card are now in color! You can create your own sticky notes, set markers, notes, very useful to study.

A sensor automatically adjusts the screen orientation as the iPad!

Range: up to 130 hours with alkaline batteries

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Japanese, English, French

Japanese dictionaries

Digital Daijisen Japanese Dictionary Approx. 242,000 entries, 4,200 illustrations

Meikyo Japanese Dictionary Approx. 70,000 entries

Shinkangorin Kanji Dictionary 14,353 character, approx. 50,000 words and expressions

NHK Pronunciation Dictionary Approx. 69,000 entries

Japanese Collocation Dictionary Approx. 4,000 entries

Japanese Thesaurus Approx. 6,000 entries and 25,000 words

Gendai Katakana Dictionary Approx. 14,200 entries

Meikyo Proverb Dictionary Approx. 4,055 entries

Taishukan Yojijukugo Dictionary Approx. 2,653 entries

Kanji Stroke Order Dictionary Approx. 1,945 Jyoyo kanji

English dictionaries

Genius English-Japanese dictionary Approx. 270,000 entries

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Approx. 184,500 entries, 800 illustrations

Progressive Japanese-English dictionary (3rd Ed.) Approx. 90,000 entries

English Thesaurus Approx. 21,000 entries

Katakana/English Spelling Dictionary Approx. 67,000 entries

French dictionaries

Shogakukan Robert Grand Dictionary French → Japanese Dictionary Approx. 120,000 entries

Royal French → Japanese Dictionary (2nd Ed.) Approx. 90,000 entries

Petit Royal Japanese → French Dictionary (2nd Ed.) Approx. 45,000 entries

Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary (4th Ed.) Approx. 360,000 entries

Petit Robert French Dictionary Approx. 60,000 entries


Nikkei PC Terminology Encyclopedia (2010 Ed.) Approx. 5,600 entries

Nikkei Business (Economy & management) Approx. 1,600 entries

Foreign Relocation Guide Approx. 320 entries


English Name speech/lines Collection Ver.3 Name

Focus on grammar start to learn French from zero

The new TOEIC®Test Score up

The new TOEIC®Test Hyper Exam

The new TOEIC®2000 Mastery word/phrases

Everyday life

Britannica International Encyclopedia Approx. 154,000 entries, 10,000 illustrations

National Geographic Visual History of the World Approx. 650 entries, 440 explanations, 4,000 illustrations

Science Visual Dictionary Approx. 10,000 entries, 990 illustrations

Digital illustrations plants/flowers growing in Japan Approx. 500 entries, 1,500 illustrations

Digital illustrations insects growing in Japan Approx. 180 entries, 540 illustrations

Hitachi Mypedia Encyclopedia Approx. 66,000 entries and 330 illustrations

The face and heart of Japan Approx. 360 entries

Japanese Manners Encyclopedia Approx. 800 entries

The way of counting in japanese Dictionary 4600 + 600 entries

Nikkei Health Supplement Encyclopedia 2008 Ed. Approx. 1,000 entries

Wine Companion Approx. 5,200 entries

Sports Terminology Dictionary Approx. 4,000 entries

Travel / Conversation

Improve your English pronunciation

Dictionary of English conversation

Kikutan Entry 2000

Kikutan Basic 4000

Kikutan Advanced 6000

English conversation for begineer

English Pronunciation Clinic

English Dictionary of conversation Hitokoto Approx 8,000 phrases

English Travel Dictionary Hitokoto Approx 3,000 phrases

English Business Dictionary Hitokoto Approx 20,000 phrases

JTB Travel Language Guide in 14 languages: Spanish, German, French Italian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Filipino, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian

Dr.PASSPORT Travel Help Guides in 7 languages: Japanese → English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean

Dictionary of World Cuisine Menu(USA, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italia)

Other dictionaries

Shogakukan Digital Daijisen search by field Dictionary

Genius Japanese-English Index

Mypedia search by field Dictionary

700 pieces of Japanese literature

300 pieces of World Literature

1000 classic phrases

Brain training Application / number puzzles


Color LCD screen (main panel), color LCD screen (sub-panel), main panel with a quick palette, action sensor, fast preview out, ability to switch layouts, font size three can be chosen, switch character size of the menu, switch the letter size of the screen preview tab, tab menu switching mode, preview examples, multiple japanese dictionary search (hiragana / kanji / keyword example), multiple alphabetical dictionary search (letter / sentence / phrase), jump search (examples / search phrases), mini dictionaries, search in historic, sentence / phrase search feature (display center), spell check / wild card search / blank word search, wild card/blank word search in japanese, read radical / search strokes in the radical, phrase/spelling search and more search functions, favorite dictionary register function, EX-VOICE feature, transfer audio contents from CD, markers function (color marker / color sticky notes / Notes / color note cards), calculator (12 digits), switching power supply ON / OFF, auto power off, guide (legend) features, content plus function (add additional content / audio CD data / text data), dictionary key direct power source ON function, resume function, compatible with eneloop ® / Evolta charger, soft keyboard (50 on / hangul / Russian), calendar / clock function


Main display: 5.3" touch panel (5.0" 528 × 320 TFT Color LCD)

Sub display: 2.6" touch panel (2.6" 240 x 96 TFT Color LCD)

Input Method

Handwriting (kanji / hiragana / katakana / alphabetical / numbers), keyboard (alphabetical / kana), soft keyboard input (kana)

Internal memory : About 100MB


By using 2 x AA alkaline batteries LR6 (AM3) : approximately 130 hours

By using 2 x eneloop ® (Eneloop) / 2 x AA rechargeable EVOLTA : approximately 100 hours


Depth 105.5 x Width 148.0 x Height 17.0mm (most thin section when closed), Height 19.7mm (most thick section when closed)


Approx 300g

Box Content

CASIO Ex-word XD-B7200 Electronic Dictionary

One stylus

Earphones (3.5mm plug)

USB cable

2 x AA batteries