Fortran - 256 steps- 15 programming zones

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Date of acquisition: 2019/10/24

 This photo taken on January 3, 2023 shows the only two models I know. Mine and Fan pockets's one. Both are in France but have been bought in Japan. If you have one, please contact me.
 Unfortunately, mine does not work perfectly. When I enter a program, it very quickly loses the first instructions or I can't enter anything.
 Electronic design, # 25, Number 1 to 7 :

 Extract from ""Programmable Calculators: How to Use Them"" by Roger and Charles Sippl.

 This calculator is undoubtedly the rarest in my collection. In fact, there is no other known example of it and until I acquired mine in 2019, there was no other photo of it than the one in the 1975 Casio presentation brochure.

  This calculator features the same technology as the other machines in the FORTRAN series. It is exceptional because it has 256 program steps and also 15 independent program areas.

 In addition to the 256 program steps instead of 127 on the other machines in the series, the big difference is the 15 program areas. The new CALL i function allows you to call another program such as a Gosub in Basic. The return to the call point is automatic at the end of the called program.
 News july 2022 : a second machine has been found by DOM, also in France.
 News april 2023 : I could buy a second 101 Pro in Japan. And this one works perfectly. Finally !

 Differences between PRO-101 and other Fortran machines
 - We have 15 registers and 15 labels but the numbering starts at 1, register 0 and label 0 do not exist. --- We cannot do Gosub on a label within the same program with an automatic return at the end of the program as on the others, --- You can make a call (=gosub) to the other program areas, numbered from 1 to 15. Ex: call 3. The return is then automatic at the end of the called program. --- the PRO-101 is not a scientific calculator, it does not have trigo or log functions. It provides the square root and the power of integer numbers. Note that it is the only one not to carry fx in its name. --- then, it is limited to -9 999 999 999 - 9 999 999 999 (a max of 13! while the others go well up to 69!). ---Like the 202p, it has continuous memory.