The CASIO PB-700 series
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 This series include three machines : PB-700, PB-770 and the japanese release of the PB-770. The Japanese release of the PB-700 (with direct access to Katakana characters) does not exist.

 Differences :
 The PB-770 have a hot key to mathematical functions similar to those of later Casio (FX-700p, 720p PB ...).

 Both PB-770 offer a range of statistical functions.

 Default, the PB-700 has 4 kb of memory, the PB-770 has 8.

 The PB-700 may board three OR-4, 4 kb extension memories, for a total memory of 16 kb.

 The PB-770 may board three OR-8, 8 ko extension memories, for a total memory of 32 ko.

 the Japanese version of PB-770, unknown in Europe, has a KATAKANA key for access to Japanese characters. On PB-700, the characters are available through CHR$() Basic function.

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