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 The first of the series, released in October, 1982 in Japan.
 RAM : 1568 / 1568 steps with OR-1 module.
 Twice as cheaper as the SHARP PC-1211, it was a huge commecial success thanks to a very active marketing program.

 Quick reference guide by Steven Fox - 2021

 Download of the command list
With the FA3 device for the back up to tape and the thermal printer FP12,
 Printing prime numbers with : episode #11/12
1k extension memoryWatch RAM : OR-1

 A customized machine by Hobbiecat
 One blog to explore on the PB-100

 Pocket's Museum

 Emmanual Florac




 On silrun systems




 Goodies and progams on tshibuki.hp

 Read the PB-100 summary published in french publication "'Ordinateur individuel" n°46 (Thanks woodstock).
Owner's manual (english) : personal item, 1983..
French item recently bougth

 Download of the french version of the PB100 manual.
Le fameux Goto Basic : le manual

 Download of the french manual ""Apprenez par la pratique"" - Thanks Paco
60 programs for Casio P-B 100. Fx-802, Tandy Pc 4 and Olympia Op-544

 Download of the french version of "60 programs for CASIO PB-100"
Toolbox for Casio PB-100, FX-802p and TRS-80 PC 4
A collection of game programs (CASIO) :
Japanese book :
 Game library

 30 games for Casio - italian book : 30 giochi per il Casio


 Grazzie Francisco

 The japanese Video on youtube

 In french press (1983):
Japanese ad :
Italian ad - march 1983 :

 New scientist ad (sept. 8th 1983)

 New scientist ad (Jan 13th 1983)

 CASIO FP-1100

 Ad in spanish :