Tandy PC-4

A PB-100F by Original Design Manufacturer

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 RAM : 1568 / 1568 steps with Radio-Shack TRS-80 for PC-4 module.
 This is not a PB-100 as it has at least the S+EXE combination and STR$ function,
 Tested OK on april, 4th, 2024
The 1k extension memory
 Box of the extension 1ko - CAT. No 2636-53A
LinksWatch model : PB-100F

 On floodgap.com
The manual of the TANDY TRS 80 PC4 (english)
The owner's manual (english)

 Picture from an italian blog (http://www.danilopalermo.it)
 Radio Shack catalog 1990 :

 Credit : rinsize (rynkia.com)