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Watch RAM : OR-4

 RAM : 16kb / 16 ko with 3 OR-4.See model : PB-770

With the CASIO FA10 device for back up to tape and printing with 4 color pen plotter (black, blue, red, green)Watch device : FA-10

With the CASIO FA4 device for back up to tape and printing with centronic port
Watch device : FA-4

Memory extension 4k
Back location for 3 OR4 :

 A great article with videos : MD's technichal sharing.

 The essential tools of Marcus to read sound files from the FA3 interface and convert them into text file (and vice versa).

 Pocket's Museum

 On Silrun



 Christophe Le Glatin's page
 Read the PB-700 summary published in french publication "'Ordinateur individuel" n°59 (Thanks woodstock).
 Quick reference guide by Steven Fox - 2021

 Download of the command list

 Presentation in 'Ordinateur de Poche' n°20

 Presentation in 'S&V Micro' n°1 - december 1983.

 Presentation in the australian magazine Electronics (november, 1984)
Easy trip to BASIC

 Téléchargement du manuel du CASIO PB-700 en français sur

 Download of the english manual for the CASIO PB-700

 You can download the CASIO FA-11 manual from the CASIO PB-770 topic (identical)

 Command booklet

 Download in english

 Scan : Steven (Australia)
Run games for CASIO PB-700 :

 Credit : thanks Alain (Canada)
40 programs for CASIO PB-700

La découverte du PB-700 - Editions du P.S.I.
A french program library :

 Casio Program library
A japanese program library :
 In this website
MarketingCasio document :

In Hanhelp magazine
In Italy :
 May 1984
In spain :

 Casio catalog (1984)

 Scans : cdecas

 Fixing the dammaged screen of a CASIO PB-700.