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 Starry sky

 The stars twinkling in the night sky are delicately scattered on the calculator along the arrangement of the constellations. The brightness of the stars is expressed by the application of brightness with stereoscopic printing. It is a model that uses a font from an image from a collection of stars and an inverted liquid crystal to express the starry sky as an entire calculator.


 It expresses how the calculator rusts in reference to how the panels are exposed to rain and wind outside and rust erodes from the periphery. It is a new model that imagines an aging that does not often occur in calculators mainly used indoors.


 An aerial view of the high-rise building district where the Bunka Fashion College and CASIO headquarters are located is expressed with pixel art and applied to the shape of a calculator. It is a model that uses the design of a sleek calculator with humor, such as expressing the shape of a three-dimensional key by imitating a building.


 The wood grain pattern resembling the "white wood" used in its natural state is combined vertically and horizontally. By applying irregularities with three-dimensional printing, we have expressed a texture that allows you to feel the touch of wood. Although it is a calculator, it is a model that makes you feel a gentle warmth.


 It expresses the "strength" of rocks that survive in the natural world. It combines rocky surfaces of different textures and colors with a rough and unique texture. It is a model with an inverted LCD screen with a hard and cool print.


 With the pattern of rainbow sky, clouds and sun, the drawing looks like a snowflake sticker happily attached to a calculator. In addition, you can attach your favorite sticker and enjoy the customization of the calculator in a more personal way.


 Towards sunrise. The sun rises slowly, a mysterious color that is not usually seen. The ever-changing magic hour unique at sunrise is expressed by dimming.


 The unique pattern created by ore accumulation is superimposed on the noise caused by errors and bugs in electronic devices. Enjoy the harmony of natural and artificial objects.


 The design motif is an antique plaque with delicate flowers unique to "Twardujuis". By applying three-dimensional printing with a slight thickness, we expressed beautiful cracks due to aging. It is a model that goes well with tableware.