CASIO Fx-602p

22 to 88 memories and 32 to 512 bytes

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 FP-10 printer
 Presentation in 'Ordinateur de Poche' n°5
The manual in english

 Download of the CASIO FX-602p user's guide
Program library (english)

 Download of the english version of the program library.

 Gilles's dedicated website - hosted on



 On Asahi-net

 Pocket's Museum


 Marcus's page

 The accomplished Krischik's dedicated website
 Advertising in "Your computer", October 1981

 An interesting ad on Badaze's site.
 Slide&Swap game : press 1 and 3 (slide) or 2 (swap) to sort numbers on screen.

 Upgraded version with six memory area

 6 logically separated RAM memories can be selected using a switch added on the front of the machine.

 Specific version with a dedicated cache. The machine must have contained a program used in germany by an astrologer

 Credits: kandaijiyokohama (
 Credit : rinsize(