CASIO Pocket Mini P-810
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Date of acquisition: 2011/06/11

 Serial number : 6729300Watch adaptor : AD-2S

 Conception with OpenSCAD and 3D printing of the battery cover - congrats to Zipang from Silicium forum
 OpenSCAD Code cube([52,32,2],center=true); translate([-26,1,1]) {cube([3,4.5,2],center=true);} translate([26,16,-1]) { rotate([90,0,0]){ linear_extrude(32){ polygon(points=[[0,0],[2,4],[0,4]]); }}} translate([23.5,-15,1.5]) {cube([5,2,1],center=true);} translate([23.5,15,1.5]) {cube([5,2,1],center=true);} translate([22.5,15,2.5]) {cube([8,2,1],center=true);} translate([22.5,-15,2.5]) {cube([8,2,1],center=true);}
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